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Hot mess #londonmum of 3 🤰👧🏻👦🏼 There’s little tea, cake & a fine 👗 won’t fix 🤫 Lucky half to @Alldadstalk Founder #sustainableliving

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This year I chose to do packed lunches for both my older kids, and I didn’t know how much I enjoy filling their little boxes until I started getting special requests like: mummy, can you make us the monkey sandwich or rainbow smoothie, or bake us the poppy cheesy sticks etc. We have our own kitchen vocabulary now and I’m open to orders This week I’ve been asked several times to bake their grandmother’s Transylvanian ‘cornulete’ - jam filled mini croissants made with wholemeal flour and our favourite butter from Kerrygold. Super easy to make and so filling!! No sugar either, because the jam is sweet enough 👌🏻 @kerrygold_uk #KerrygoldKitchenCreations AD . . . . . . #LittleFierceOnes #Curiouslittleexplorers #WhateverTheWeatherKids #WorldofLittles #TheMagicInEveryDay #OurWhimsicalDays #OurPlayfulStyle #LittleFamiliesofIG #bakingwithkids #cornulete #baking #familyrecipes #raisingragamuffins #mumbloggeruk #mumblog #londonmum #myhometrend #interiorsnapshot #kitchenstyle #mycreativeinterior #topstylefiles #colourfulhomevibe #designsponge #retrokitchen #storyofmyhome #mygorgeousgaff

Because sometimes a bunch of phone photos from my other half’s phone will simply do, although you know I tend to share more camera content, as I’m always nervous about phone pixels 😂 That’s a bit silly really, yet I’m learning to let go and be more spontaneous 👁 I feel I forgot to take phone photos and just be in the moment, but I don’t want to give the feeling it’s all an edited mess 😂 Today I left my phone at home as sometimes I feel I need to get completely disconnected from the online, and it’s been a busy week… I’ve felt so exhausted while Philip got a bit under the weather, but a 🚴ride seemed to restore the balance. Note to self…Never underestimate the power of a workout in nature!! Sunshine, please stay a little longer🙏🏻 @thule {brand ambassador} #theartofslowliving #cycleyourheartout #bikelife #cyclingwithkids . . . . . #takeyourkidseverywhere #thulefamily #chariotcross #thulecross2 #instamum #motherhood #londonmum #lifewithatoddler #mumlife #instafamily #proudparents #cameramama #lifeisbeautiful #momentsofmine #familylife #countrysidewalks #thelifestylecollective #mytribe #darlingmovement #dresslikeamum #mumstyle #letthekids #thenarrativesociety #seekthesimplicity

*GIFTAWAY I teamed up with one of my favourite kids’ sustainable brands to offer the lucky winner a £100 POLARN O’PYRET VOUCHER 🥳 How to enter this giveaway tonight: 1. Like this post 2. Follow @polarnopyretuk & @allmumstalk 3. Tag a friend (or more in separate comments) Did you know that extending the life of clothes by just nine extra months of active use, reduces carbon, water and waste footprints by around 20-30% each? 💚 What I love about @polarnopyretuk is that the clothing is made to last and now as part of their ongoing commitment to sustainability, the brand offers a free repairs service to fix zips and to replace broken poppers on any PO.P outerwear coat regardless of when it was purchased. The winner will be chosen randomly and announced here and in my stories on the 25th of September 😇 P.S. Philip is still very much in love with his @playtimeisclimbtime, perfect for a lot of indoors-outdoors fun, here’s a happy kiddo after watering the lawn 😄👏🏻 . . . . . . #londonblogger #bloggermum #happinessinmysquare #instamum #snaphappybritmums#littlesnippetsofus #channelmumvillage #mama_andmore #bloggermum #mumhub #mumbloggers #mumbloggeruk #children_outdoors #runwildmychild #mumlife #londonmum #mumblog #thelifestylecollective #jj_its_kids #pixel_kids #letthembelittle #worldoflittles#circularfashion #sustainability

Working as a content creator is definitely the highlight of my job, it surely got its perks although just a fraction of it transpires here on my grid 💚 Content creators know how much work is behind the effortless looking scenes, but that’s another story for another caption 😆 I was just thrilled I synchronised a tidy livingroom to a cute outfit 🤣 Anyways, back to tonight’s topic, do you know what I started to enjoy a lot lately? 🤔 Dressing up my 🏡 walls 😂 I finally found something for my living room wall which feels more like me, this brilliant @coxandcox map which makes my life a bit easier as look how pretty it is in pixels, but even better in real life 🗺 After a few attempts including all sorts of frames, paintings, mirrors and even handing plants…👁😃 Nothing as clever as these lovely frames…They’re here to stay!! The kids already started their geography lessons on it 😁 (but if you fancy a personalised map for yourself or as a 🎁 @louisaelizabeth_ is another amazing option!) @coxandcox linked in my stories x How was your weekend? 😘 P.S. I was a bit in slo mo mode today because I watched @9strangershulu on Amazon prime, the entire series in one go! 🤣 Wow 😱 have you watched it? . . . . . . 💐 @freddiesflowers {paid collab} 🗺 @coxandcox {PR product} 👠 @rainbowclubuk {PR} 👗 @oliviarubin . . . . . #bucks #myhousethismonth #wallartdecor #mapart #livingroominspiration #countrydecor #mumbloggeruk #myvintagehome #antiquedecor #englishstyle #countryhome #countrylivingmag #londonmum #interior123 #interior125 #interior2you #interiorismo #interior444 #interior4inspo #interiør4all #greenhome #countrylivingroom #ecohome#myhousethismonth

#ad After a summer full of exciting sporting events, we should all feel a bit more inspired to get active through fun family activities. For example, we loved playing 🎾 & 🏀 at our grandparents’ farm 🏡 It turns out granddad is not as rusty as he claims to be 😝 @pombearuk is encouraging parents to not let that enthusiasm slip away with autumn approaching 🥳👏🏻 and we’re so on board! I know I mentioned this before (on many occasions actually) but I feel it’s so important for us to stay active together for kids’ mental, physical and emotional health (and ours too, really) 🙌🏻 There are so many low cost indoor and outdoor activities from Pom-Bear that are ideal for parents looking for new, refreshed ways to entertain their children whilst helping them to stay active 👏🏻 We have lots of soft toys around that make great props for an obstacle course or a speed competition - more in my stories - or we love to take our bikes and cycle around the village after hiding a few treats for the 🧒🏼 👧🏻 - they get a treasure hunt map and we all ride together to see how fast we can tick all the boxes and who finds most of them🤓 What’s your favourite family keeping active activity? #GetActiveWithPomBear

I may be smiling here, but I’m actually looking at our 🌎 and I remember that I’m a mum of 3 and lots of overwhelming feelings and thoughts are pouring after watching @eating2extinction - a beautiful piece of documentary art, result of a 4 years project from a team of people who made the most ardent problem our humanity is facing more than visual, they even put a label on it: it’s in our food. Think Seaspiracy and My Octopus Teacher which are great documentaries and share important facts, yet Eating Our Way to Extinction is much more that! They urge humanity to change habits…starting yesterday! But there’s still hope our children will enjoy this planet like their parents before…I’m trying not to say too much, but go watch it, it will be available from the 16th of Sept. Lots of mixed feelings are trying me now, sadness, but equally hope, yet I truly think this is a documentary everyone should get to watch. P.S. This was my first movie premiere, thank you @morphoagency for the invite and for giving me the opportunity to use my privilege as an influencer and share this with my audience, a topic that I’ve been very open about for a long time 🙏🏻🌎 I also couldn’t wait to tell my parents I’d be in the same room as Kate Winslet 😇, who is not just an amazing actress and one of my favourites people to watch, but a beautiful voice using her influence for good and assisting her brothers in law to make this documentary happen 💚🌎 #eatingourwaytoextinction #moviepremiere #londondiaries

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it 🤪 In your wedding dress 🤣 Introducing to you my new best friend 💃🏻 💚 This beauty of a chair from @coxandcox 🙃 Can’t wait to style it with cozy throws, fire pits, rosy kiddies’ cheeks and roasted marshmallows 🥳 but until then more of this gorgeous weather, please!! ☀️ 🙏🏻 and 🍰!! @peggyporschenofficial . . . . *pr product part of an ongoing collab with @coxandcox, can’t wait to share more ☺️ #hangingchair #indoorsoutdoorsliving

THIS IS 4 💚 Amelie had a lovely party on Saturday that she pretty much organised herself by knocking on our neighbours’ kids’ doors to invite them 🤣 no written invitations with this one! Justin got a 🎂 from @peggyporschenofficial, he made 🍕 for everyone as he usually does 🤣 and @childrensalon made her day with the cutest costumes!! 👑(I linked a couple in my stories) Job done! She’s back in nursery tomorrow, which is a dream come true for her, she loves that place more than anything 😄 and God knows that after a few back to school tears (mine!)😳, I’ll make sure you to enjoy a hot cup of tea with less interruptions 🤣 it’s been a while 😱🤣 #birthdaygirl #4yearsold #birthdaycake #buckslife . . . . . . #letthembelittle #londonmum #mumof3 #londonblogger #bloggermum #happinessinmysquare #instamum #littlesnippetsofus #feelgoodmotherhood #channelmumvillage #mumlife #bloggermum #mumhub #mumbloggers #mumbloggeruk #mumblog #londonblogger #londonkids #thelifestylecollective #jj_its_kids #pixel_kids #letthembelittle #candidchildhood #londonkid #londonbaby #pbloggers #parentingtheshitoutoflife

Happy 5th wedding anniversary @alldadstalk 💚 We got married on our 10th first date anniversary 😇 I was thinking of a caption, but I’m so sleep deprived and my baby brain is not very helpful so I’ve added a few shots from our wedding on beach 😃 Swipe to see toddler Lucas 😍 Loved my @zahavittshuba dress 🪄 . . . . . . #beachwedding #londonmum #blacksea #weddinganniversary #marriedonthebeach #orthodoxwedding #orthodoxchurch #londonmum #bloggermum #dresslikeamum #lockdownlife #londonblogger #bloggermum #happinessinmysquare #channelmumvillage #romaniamagica #romaniamea #romaniantraveler #mama_andmore #coolmumsclubig #mumlife #mumhub #mumbloggers #mumbloggeruk #familyof5 #weddingdress #mumofthree #dressupfriday #fashtagfriday #fridayfashion #weddingdress

How is my first born in school already?! 😭 Back to school tomorrow (I know for sure as I asked a mum, I was convinced it would start on Friday 😂) Year 3, here he comes…Amelie will be back to nursery next week, right after her birthday, too, so I guess it’s just the 👶🏻 & I left with a #wfhdad over speedy lunch breaks… Anyone in need of a box of tissues? 😭 . . . . Kids dressed in @kidswearcollective @bobuxshoes 📍 @mvanclarke - might have a chance now to squeeze in a hair appointment, although I don’t really need one anytime soon, my last haircut was so clever that my hair is still growing nicely while looking healthy 😉 ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #ukmumbloggers #ukmumslife #ukmum #parenting #mummyblog #honestmotherhood #instamum #honestparenting #momlife #ukmumlife #ukmummy #ukmums #mumlife #ukmumsquad #mummylife #ukmummys #motherhood #mumbloggeruk #marylebone #ukmumbloggerss #mummydiaries #mummybloggeruk #family #mumblog #ukmumlifewith #mumssupportingmums

And just like that we’re almost back to school… A bit of a shock coming back from a full month of 40°C to less than half 😆 but this is the home our kids missed and we never appreciated it more! Thrilled to be reunited with their friends 💚Loved catching up with our extended family, so until next time…Here’s a tiny photo dump recapping our summer moments, including Philip’s christening and my parents’ scrumptious garden treats 👌🏻 Anyone ready for more #backtoschool milestones? 😭 #homegrownveggies #gardeninglife #myparentsgsrden #summeroadtrip

#ad Absolutely thrilled about our new allotment, sooo looking forward to growing our own veggies starting NOW with the help of our little assistants 🥳 That’s why every time a cool project supporting children and a stronger connection to nature comes along has my full support! Such projects are supported by @Persiluk, too, which are committed to help young people take positive action for a better world, especially when it comes to protecting our environment. They have been encouraging families, children & classrooms across the country to sign up to Persil Dirt Is Good providing fun challenges, tools & ideas on how we can all take action together to be kinder to our planet. One tool is the DiG Academy, a platform which creates a safe space for young people to gain the knowledge & confidence to inspire them to take action, more in my stories, join now 🥳 #DirtisGoodProject

If there’s a spot in London where I felt a lot like home, then @theprinceakatokilondon would be that place 🙏🏻👌🏻with a Japanese twist 🇯🇵 {Press stay} Can you tell I miss London a bit? The kids even more 😛 As much as travelling to see family and friends was fun, all the kids want now is a cupcake from @peggyporschenofficial, a 🚤 ride in Hyde Park and a bike chase with their friends in our little village 💚 Another Euro road trip, covid testing and hopefully less drama at the borders to get home…

Currently craving a Mexican sunset…💚 When you go visit family and friends that live all around Europe, you need another holiday to recover from a long road trip 😂 I think this might have been our last long road trip though, driving to France is fine, but anything further is just too hard with 3 kids 😬🤭 A long haul to @grandvelasmaya may do the trick, it’s one place that I’m sure we’ll see again, soon! ✈️

Holidaying at my family’s means only one thing: I can finally publish those drafts I started a while ago! 🥳 I have finished our kitchen remodel article and it’s now live - in my stories and link in bio 😛 I now miss my kitchen even more - not home yet 😆 Now back to these shots! It’s great to have someone else cooking for me once in a while 😛 {These are a few shots before the larder took over the mirror space} But gotta say, @alldadstalk cooks a fine steak! Even though that actually means at least half a bottle of wine goes into the cooking process and the other half…to the chef 🧑‍🍳 😂 I’m not the baker of the family (he is, especially when judging by all the scrumptious sourdough he bakes each week) but I can easily tell that this new oven we got from is the best we had so far. And trust me, we had experienced a few as we have been renting houses all around London before buying this one 🙌🏻 It’s the STEAMBAKE OVEN WITH PYROLYTIC CLEANING, I’ve linked it in my stories 💚 What I love most about it is that in addition to all standard oven functions, the PlusSteam button in this SteamBake oven adds steam at the beginning of the baking process. The steam cooking keeps the dough moist on the surface to create a golden color and tasty crust, while the heart stays soft and tender - that’s the very feedback I got after Justin baked his very first bread in it 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Best bit for all busy mums out there: with just one touch of the Pyrolytic cleaning function, dirt, grease and food residue in the oven is converted into ash that you can easily wipe off with a damp cloth 🥳🥳🥳 #challengetheexpected {pr product}

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