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I'm an adoptive mother of 4 amazing boys who came to me with a range of special needs and allergies. In 2009 I started posting my Gluten Free Recipes that are Adaptable for Special Diets & Allergies, and the rest is history… Now I have a beautiful community online who shares my love for family & good food that won't make us sick. ~Erika xo

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a family favorite from the Caribbean

I found the fired-roasted corn on the cob a bit disappointing (flavor and texture of burnt, un-popped popcorn); but I instantly fell in love with the smooth, creamy callaloo soup. Every restaurant we went to and every home we visited had a slightly different way of preparing it, but they all shared a distinctive taste (provided by the callaloo and the liberal use of nutmeg). After returning home from that trip, I tried a few times to simulate the distinctive flavor of callaloo with ingredients I could find in the local grocery store. My father thought I nailed the flavor, and my better half has since had me make three more large batches (in less than a month).

Exotic gluten free meatball recipe from South Africa

The two things I knew about the dish were that it was made from ground lamb liver wrapped in caul fat (a.k.a. crépine or netvet) and that it was typically spiced with coriander. The butcher didn’t have any lamb on hand and I wasn’t sure if my guests would be okay with a purely liver meatball, so I went with equal parts beef liver, beef chuck, and pork jowl. PRO TIPS for getting a custom ground meat blend at the butcher shop: Out of courtesy, it is best to go near closing time for the shop (as they will have to clean the machines at the end of the day anyway, but would have to do so an extra time if you visit earlier in the day). lb ground lamb rump (or other lean cut of meat such as lamb leg, beef chuck, pork loin) lb ground lamb breast (or other fatty cut of meat such as pork belly, beef navel, beef short rib)

Gluten Free Tuscan Tomato Sauce Recipe

As is becoming more and more common knowledge, Northern Italy builds so many of there dishes on the foundational flavors of a soffritto (the Italian word for “under-fried,” which typically refers to a gently sautéed mix of onion, celery, and carrots in olive oil) . In that regard, this gluten free Tuscan tomato sauce recipe is no different. I mostly use this to bolster a store bought sauce into something intensely flavorful. Sometimes I add olive oil poached garlic; sometimes I add meat (like I did with my leftover skilpadjies when I made this batch); and sometimes I use some fresh San Marzano tomatoes blitzes in the blender to liven things up a bit.

Building a Paleo Perfect Vegetable Garden

From garden to table, there’s nothing like growing your own fruits and vegetables, harvesting, and then eating them straight from the vine. It’s eating natural and organic things like fruits, vegetables, and lean meat- nothing processed. Along with trees, flowers, and shrubbery, you can grow fruits and veggies in your home’s backyard, front yard, or side perimeter. Even if you live in a small apartment, you can grow herbs, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, and the like in pots and containers.

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