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Ghana is one of my favorite trips & I can’t wait till I experience the country again. It literally made me want to experience other parts of Africa now! 1. It’s giving black girl luxury because that’s literally how I was treated everyday while there. 2. My friend literally built and funds his own school in Ghana for free for the kids in the village. 3. One of the biggest monument stops in Accra which is Black Star Gate. 4. There is a street where you can just pull up with no appointment and get your hair braided by anybody available for hella cheap and fast! 5. @safarivalley was so nice, I had a day pass that included lunch, feeding the pets, horse back riding, swimming & on site games. The place is super far though. 6. The market but in America we would call it something similar to the swap meet. They sell everything here, they don’t really like you taking pictures or doing videos out there because they feel like you’re making fun of them. 7. My local friend said this was the trenches of Accra. 8. We went to Cape Coast and afterwards they were performing and this is literally the only place I saw Caucasians while in Ghana. 9. At Cape Coast they showed us where they use to put the slaves during the Atlantic slave trade. So we were able to walk the dungeon where they held them until they shipped them on the boats. 10. Princess treatment ! #blacktravelexperience #blacktravelexperiences #blackgirltravel #blackgirltravelslay #blackgirltravelmovement #melanintravel #blackgirlluxury #accra #ghana #africanqueen #capecoast #capecoastghana #blacktravel #blacktravelgram #girltraveler

Ghana was one of my favorite trips to date!!!!! I think every black person should experience it and I promise you will want to come back I guarantee it! They really party party in Ghana on a whole other level. It was nice to experience it and now I want to explore more of Africa. Baby that African dollar stretches chile!! They love us dark chocolate women over there too and I love that for us!! I love a good lounge in Ghana! 1st outfit @prettylittlething 2nd @moorepiecesboutique : : : : : : : : #ghana #africa #melanin #thingstodoinghana #accraghana #accragirls #accra #melanintravel #blackgirltravel #blackgirltravelslay #blackgirlluxury #blackpeopletravel #millennialtravel #blacktravel #blacktravelgram

So when I went Phnom Penh, Cambodia I used this stop as my more chill and relaxing stop. I did a little sight seeing, got massages, body scrubs, solo dinners and I even went on a date. If you know me you know I like to go on dates in other countries because I get to ask about the culture and see how they view Americans. When I travel I love to do excursions so it was different for me to take a pool day and literally just relax my whole trip. At this stop I stayed @airbnb at a high rise building with security which was hella cheap and in a great location. Cambodia was super cheap overall but if you’re trying to buy imported snacks they are costly. I felt super safe in Phnom Penh and I didn’t deal with the language barrier as much as compared to some other places I went to in Asia. I got around either by Grab on the tuktuks or via car. In Asia you have to get a body massage and a body scrub. They are super cheap out there and it’s some of the best job! I even wore my authentic Vietnamese outfit & went got my Xenia warrior princess on 😂! Can you believe I went country hopping solo for a month in Asia and I went to 9 countries! I really just be living life! Check out my travel blog in my bio for tips! : : : : : : : : : : #melanintravel #melanintravels #blacktravelslay #blacktravel #womentravel #solotravel #solofemaletraveler #thingstodoinasia #blackinasia #cambodia #phnompenh #blacktravelalliance #travelnoire #blacktravelgram #blacktraveljourney #blacktravelers #blacktravel

Down south girls just do it better 💁🏾‍♀️ Dresses @miracleskloset : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : #miraclewatts #blackgirlmagic #blackgirls #melanin #melaninpoppin #melaninmakeup #melaninfeed #melaninbeauty #blackgirlmakeup #blackgirljoy #melaninwomen #blueface #baddieseast #chriseanrock

So I’ve been to Singapore twice now, but it’s been a different experience each time. This time was my first time on this trip. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I mostly used the public transportation during this stay, really so I could experience the locals and I was solo so I was in no rush. It’s a lot of great sightseeing in Singapore and different activities you can do especially when going to the different islands. One of the most popular places to visit is Marina Bay Sands Garden Park which you will see I took a visit. The place itself is free but Floral Fantasy and Gardens by the Bay is a small fee. They say Singapore is one of the most expensive countries but it gave me me LA prices to me, lol. I would say the most expensive things were the hotels besides that I felt like the food was pretty reasonable priced and the activities were as well. A lot of monuments are free. Their brunch is pretty popular along with the bottomless mimosas which if you know me, you know that’s the only way I’m even going. I went on a couple dates while I was in the country as well 😊 I really didn’t see any people that look like me, so I guess that’s why they ask for pictures. Now beware some of them will sneak and take pics of you and some will just shove a camera in your face without asking chile. I personally don’t like it because I’m not a monument but to each it’s own. Outfits : @25andfine @moorepiecesboutique : : : : : : : : : : : : : : #singapore #blackgirltravel #blacktravel #blacktravelfeed #blacktravelgram #blacktravelers #blacktravelslay #blacktravelmovement #blacktraveljourney #blacktraveler #blackwomentravel #travelnoire #blackwomentravel #womentravel #blacktravelclub #blackinasia #melanintravel

When visiting Curaçao you want to stay at a hotel or resort that is close by the beach and restaurants if you plan on leaving your hotel. Because their taxis are pretty expensive even though the island is small. That’s actually where we spent most of our money on was the taxis. Always negotiate with the taxis coming from the airport. The people are friendly and the water is super clear. Explore the city, one thing I didn’t get to visit was the Kira museum & Kura Hulanda. Which are museums that suppose to tell you about the black history of the island. So I definitely want to try that out on my next visit! Would you visit Curaçao? Check out more travel tips in the link in my bio! Outfit @fashion.f.i.t : : : : : : : : : #curaçao #blacktravel #blackgirlstraveltoo #travelblack #travelguide #travelguides #travelcuracao #curacaotourism #curacaoisland #curacaotb #travelnoire #besthotels #blacktravelslay #travelallaroundtheworld #blackgirlstravel #worldtravel #carribean

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