Danielle Ravitch

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Hi there, I 'm Danielle! A wife, and homeschooling mom to our two beautiful daughters.

I share about our journey to live a more wholesome + simple life - including prioritizing quality family time (and memory making) through our adventures on Long Island. Sharing healthful recipes with fresh ingredients, in hopes of entirely removing processed foods from our diet. Homemaking for a more simple, slow paced life. And, integrating a more natural approach into our daily rituals through DIYs, natural + sustainable products, and more!

Location Long Island, New York
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Top Five Sustainable Swaps 2020

So, we signed up for a tp subscription through Amazon’s subscribe and save, and would receive our order like clockwork every other month. One time, in the height of the hysteria Justin even snagged a package of tp from another customers cart that was overflowing with the precious goods. Sooooo, long story short, recently I became sick and tired of having to search for normal toilet paper that wasn’t overpriced,  inconsistently delivered + preferably not cause “soft clogs”. Did you know that bamboo grows 10-20x faster than trees?

Meal Planning Framework

Today I am going to share an amazing resource with you, the meal planning framework. With home school, working from home and all of the fun passion projects I have going on, it has been a challenge to squeeze it all into my already full schedule. I have been tirelessly dreaming, creating and course correcting our daily lives. So much so, that it almost feels like I am coming to terms with a lot of different variables.

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