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Hello! I’m Chantell, the founder of Adoration 4 Adventure (A4A) and Budget Travel Babes (BTB), which empowers everyday people to achieve their travel goals.

A4A is an established travel website with a focus on affordable adventures. My content includes fun itinerary ideas, budget travel tips, and money-saving recommendations across six continents. BTB is a community to connect value-conscious women online and in person at meetups and on group trips.

I take pride in personally recommending relevant products and services to the A4A and BTB audience. Previously, I’ve partnered with 60+ brands.

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❓ Pool or beach? . Well, in Albufeira you can do both! 😎 . If you haven't already, check out my recommendations for a budget winter escape in Albufeira, Portugal (link in bio). 🌞 . 🚩 .

How medical tourism can save you money (a beginner's guide)

Almost half of Americans who are sick can’t afford services such as medical care, prescription medicine, mental healthcare, dental care or eyeglasses, according to a 2018 Kaiser Family Foundation analysis. The reasons that people travel for medical care include: • certain treatments not being available in their home country The most common considerations that people have when deciding whether to access medical care abroad is the quality of care and hygiene practices. When planning to go abroad for medical care, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend checking the qualifications of your chosen provider abroad, as well as discussing the matter with your local doctor and insurance company. While spending six weeks in Malaysia, my boyfriend was able to buy hearing aids for a fraction of the cost in most countries and I bought six-months’ worth of prescription medication at half the price compared to Australia.

Adoration 4 Adventure has been around for over 4 years! 😄 What started as a blog to inspire friends and family, quickly morphed into a practical budget travel website with DIY itineraries and thrifty travel tips. During the first couple of years, A4A was my only blog/biz baby. I reached thousands and thousands of readers, worked with international brands, and got pretty damn good at social media. 👩🏼‍💻 . I noticed I had many female readers and yet there was no one community that catered to women interested in inexpensive vacations, budget travel, and backpacking. . So, two years ago, I created a Facebook group called Budget Travel Babes. The purpose was (and still is) to empower everyday women to achieve their travel goals without going broke. 💸 But more than just traveling cheaply, I thought it was important to consider how we can be responsible and sustainable guests where possible. . That's one of the reasons why the BTB community recently chose to change the tag to "value-conscious women" - because we are all about value-for-money experiences. 😎 I've been very fortunate to connect with many of the Budget Travel Babes, in real life, and even lead a group of women around Bali. What an incredible adventure! And so, to better serve this community in their journey to making their wanderlust dreams a reality - this Insta is having a mini-makeover and will now also feature Budget Travel Babes. 💛 If you'd like to be one of the first Babes to have a light shined on - make sure to use the tag #budgettravelbabes . . 📸 by @maxnomadicchef . . #igglobalwomenclub #doyou #girlsabroad #kissfromtheworld #theeverygirl

How to save money on clothes (declutter your closet and feel lighter today)

Adoration 4 Adventure’s easy tips on how to save money on clothes to spend on travel. there’s no point of cluttering up your closet with statement pieces that you will only wear once to a party and never be able to wear again. There’s nothing worse than buying a great new shirt and then realizing you only have one pair of pants that you can wear them with. It’s a great way to increase your wardrobe, while getting rid of clothes you no longer like, without spending a ton of cash.

Do you want to take an *unforgettable* trip with a group of women who are passionate about affordable, responsible, and sustainable travel? 🌿 . Budget Travel Babes, the no BS, all-female travel tribe has reached over 1,000 members! Woo hoo! 🎉 . And the Babes have told me that they want to travel together! 🛫 . Can you imagine how freaking FUN that would be? 👏 . ❓ So, I put together some trips ideas but I need you to pick the best option - Thailand in July or Bali in August??? . And if you are a woman who wants to come on a future BTB trip, please complete this quick survey so I can create the best experience for everyone! 👇 . . @visitbrisbane #budgettravelbabes Photo by @maxnomadicchef

One-week Bali itinerary for Budget Travel Babes (two routes and maps inside)

I have traveled to Bali as a backpacker on a shoestring budget (from $20 USD per day), lived as a digital nomad renting a villa for a month ($27 USD per day), and led an all-female trip around the island with action-packed days, private villas, and even a personal chef ($100+ USD per day). So no matter what your budget and travel style, this article will help you plan your trip with multiple Bali itineraries and maps including: You can estimate how much money you need to take to Bali by searching hotel comparison websites, like Booking and Agoda, to check the cost of accommodation. I have traveled to Bali as a backpacker on a shoestring budget (from $20 USD per day), lived as a digital nomad renting a villa for a month ($27 USD per day), and led an all-female trip around the island with action-packed days, private villas, and even a personal chef ($100+ USD per day). Transport: Taxi from airport to Kuta (120,000), taxi in the rain (10,000), Grab from Kuta to Canggu (54,000), scooter rental for one day (60,000).

It took me a long time to start... 🌟 .  I took my first plane at 21. ✈️ .  My first international trip at 24. 🌍 .  I moved abroad for the first time at 27. 💼 .  Started my first business at 30. 👩🏼‍💻 .  And I still feel like I am just getting started 😉. . ❓ What's one thing that you want to START in 2019? . . Photo by @maxnomadicchef

Beauty budget tips that will help you save money and travel more

Adoration 4 Adventure’s five easy beauty budget tips that will help you save money and travel more. The Mademoiselle Organic website has a number of recipes and tips for making organic, DIY beauty products and cosmetics in your own home. I also get some highlights (we all need a little fancy in our lives) but ask for a quarter head of foils, with half-light blonde and half dark blonde, so that when it grows it blends in with my natural sandy blonde color. I always travel with a manicure set (nail clippers, nail file, and tweezers) to handle any nail breakages on the go.

❓ Got any plans for November? I'm going to Bali! 🙋🏼‍♀️ And I am inviting 15 other women to join me on an 8-day exploration. 🎒 This November come cycle by rice fields, snorkel among coral reefs, and wander through temples with a small group of badass Babes. 👟 Not only that, but the trip is great value for money AND there is early-bird pricing. 🐦 You could experience 8 days of adventure, laughter, and lifetime memories with new friends for less than $100 USD per day. 😄 There's just one ticket left for $699 USD and 24 hours until the price goes up. 🎫 So, save your spot before the early-bird runs out 🚩 (link in bio) Photo by @maxnomadicchef 📸

❓ Did you know you can take a day trip to the Mekong Delta in Vietnam for as little as USD $10? . While spending a wonderful week in Saigon, Max and I got out of the bustling city to explore the south by bus and boat. 🚌 . Our one day tour included visiting the islands of the Mekong Delta and local family businesses there who produce honey and coconut products. 🍯 . We sipped on tea while listening to a live music performance, munched on a traditional Vietnamese lunch, took a scenic trip in a rowboat on the river, then finished up at the stunning Vinh Trang Pagoda. 🎶 . This is just one example of how affordable Vietnam is as a travel destination. Every moment, I feel like I receive so much from this wonderful country. 🇻🇳 . You can see what to expect on a classic $10 Mekong Delta tour on our *new* Youtube channel, The Nomadic World. 🌏 . . @vietnamtourismboard #VietnamNOW #MyVietnam