Addicted To Kawaii

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Kawaii Store!💖Hi! I'm Venus & I'm a Kawaiiholic. That means I am…wait for it…Addicted to Kawaii! Kawaii is a Japanese word that means “cute!” Anything and everything that gives us that warm fuzzy feeling which pulls us to a more innocent and happy time in our lives should be cherished and shared with those you love💖

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Outgoing @mercari package for tomorrow 💖💖💖 Thank you for your support! Club A2K UPDATE coming soon (after Endo flare up lol). 🤗

Going through stickers...finding lots of Christmas stickers!!! 🤩😂💖 This was just from one bin 🤦🏽‍♀️😩😂 I’ll be adding these to the flash sale bin, hoping to have a Special Destashing flash sale by the end of October, sometime after Halloween? Or would you prefer one BEFORE Halloween? Keep in mind I don’t have Halloween themed stationery. Let me know!

Both hand warmers and sweater on sale now at @japanla 🤩🤩🤩😂 Check out their @popshoplive They are on right now!!! Use code: KAWAII💖💖💖

My orders from @japanla via @popshoplive 🤩🤩🤩 Everything is so adorably Kawaii 💖💖💖 All the clothes fit perfectly!!! I love how on the Popshop live events, you can ask them to try on the shirts and model them, and the people who work there are all sizes so that help a lot because I’m so small😂 It’s nice to have another small person wearing the clothes so I can determine how baggy or tight it will be on me (easier to make a decision to purchase). Just another perk that @japanla and @popshoplive have to offer💖💖💖 Thank you!!!🤗🤗🤗

Amazon Associates link in bio⬆️⬆️⬆️Is it Christmas yet 😂😂😂 I know Halloween is coming but I always feel the need to remind people that now is the time to get your Christmas supplies on sale!!! I got a great price on @amazon for these cookie cutters last year, check my purchases section on my Amazon page to see what else I have purchased and loved💖💖💖 #amazon #shopping #holiday #sale #sales #cookies #cookiedecorating #cookiesofinstagram #christmas #love #red #hotchocolate #peppermint #decor #decoration #decoratedcookies

Look what I found yesterday😍😍😍 So adorable and it’s a tiny squishie 🤩😂🥳💖 Added to the collection lol. . . . . #kawaii #cute #toocute #cutie #adorable #sanrio #precious #sanx #kawaiigirl #LTS #snoopy #mymelody #AmyandTim #kawaiishop #generationkawaii #addictedtokawaii #stickers #Disney #kawaiiaddict #lettersets #planners #planneraddict #hellokitty #rilakkuma #squishies #cinnamoroll

So this happened!!! I got a wig at @japanla Staff Sale🤩🤩🤩🤣🙌🏽 I love it omg I did NOT want to take it off LOL!!! I just put it on real quick to make sure it fits😂 Then had it on for like 2 hours 💀 Earrings are from my last post on @mercari Outfit (last pic) is also from @japanla Its so comfy and soft 💖💖💖 I got a ton more pics to take of other things I ordered in the last few months. Please be patient with me💖💖💖 I will also be putting up reviews on @popshoplive as well! . . . . #kawaii #cute #toocute #cutie #adorable #sanrio #precious #sanx #kawaiigirl #LTS #snoopy #mymelody #AmyandTim #kawaiishop #generationkawaii #addictedtokawaii #stickers #Disney #kawaiiaddict #wigs #pink #planneraddict #hellokitty #rilakkuma #sale #plushies #forsale #flashsale

YAY! Order from @mercari 🤩🤩🤩 Store is Flowerais!!! One of the earrings broke in shipping but she was so nice and said she is sending me another Cinnamoroll earring💖💖💖 They are very delicate so I wouldn’t give these to young kids. Cute free keychain to add to my collection 🙌🏽Go check her out (Mercari link in bio, then search her store name). #kawaii #earrings #mercari

LOOOOOOK‼️ 🤩🤩🤩 My awesome sister @klee1013 hooked me up with some custom masks! She makes them by hand according to the measurements of your face so you will get the fit you are looking for! If you don’t like the ties, she does elastic as well! The fabric is much easier to breath through than other masks I’ve purchased. And they have the slot for a filter! ADDICTED TO KAWAII MASKS with N-ZAP!!! 🤩😂 I had hubby @harlemknite modify my logo a while ago, big ups to him! Check him out if you like to play Chess (he streams on Twitch)! So if you would like your logo on a mask, @klee1013 can work with you to make it happen!😩🙌🏽 Go check her out and give her some love💖💖💖 PS- Why do masks look like bras when they are hung up? 💀😂 . . . . #kawaii #cute #toocute #cutie #adorable #sweet #precious #love #addicted #shop #generationkawaii #addictedtokawaii #loveit #kawaiiaddict #mask #masks #masksforsale #masks4all #forsale #custommade #handmade

Hi all! I completed all 4 MRI’s! Unfortunately my body is now shutting down as usual🙄😂 So I must rest even though all I want to do is destash😩🙌🏽 We will continue the destash tasks next week after I’ve had some rest. For all my new followers: Hello! If u didn’t know I am a disabled veteran (USMC) and battle health issues on the daily😂💖 I appreciate your patience💖💖💖. I do plan on destashing a ton of stationery here on Instagram with a flash sale and possibly on Popshop Live 🤩 But I’ve decided to do it after Halloween. This will give me time to harass veteran’s affairs and get everything in order for the next set of surgeries. Until that time, I will continue to post recommended items I’ve tried or want to try, items I have purchased and rated, and shops I have collaborated with to bring you the latest! MASKS MASKS MASKS- have u been wondering: Why does no mask fit me? Why is my face weird!!! 😂🤣💀 My sister @klee1013 will work with you to customize your size depending on the measurements of your face! 😍🥳 I will be posting some examples this week. I also have some artwork for sale to share by someone else (coming soon)! So again, thank you all for your patience and dedication 😭🤗 We are gonna “Make it happening” - words of Tony Beets on Gold Rush 🤣💀 Love you all!!!

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