Rebecca Gallop

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A Daily Something is a lifestyle brand, started by stylist Rebecca Gallop in 2011. With the intentions of inspiring its community to make much of life's daily somethings and to make their everyday life more beautiful, A Daily Something is a haven of all things simple, intentional, seasonal, and thoughtful. The A Daily Something blog and social community are updated several times per week, and nurture a very close knit community. The A Daily Something brand has a very cozy and simple aesthetic, that is inspirational, aspirational, and very attainable. Rebecca's strengths lie in prop styling and creating very inviting imagery.

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Tips and Tricks for Survival at Home

We’ve had to get so creative with how we spend our time with 4 (almost 5) kids in 1,150 square feet; I think I’ve purchased every board game and puzzle I’ve seen in thrift stores. Tips and Tricks for Survival at Home – Tip 3: Have family dance parties. Our newest favorite music to listen to is GoNoodle’s new CD, Best Of GoNoodle. We’ve listened every day since getting the CD (their music is also available on all major streaming platforms), and the entire family cannot resist joining in.

Roasted In-Shell Peanuts and Celebrating Back-to-Routine

A Daily Something was founded by Rebecca Gallop to share & celebrate the simple daily somethings that make life beautiful, & to inspire slow, intentional living. We added roasted in-shell peanuts (we roasted them ourselves) on our board, and it’s our new favorite cheese board must-have. These roasting instructions will yield a mildly flavored peanut to include on your fall back-to-routine cheese board, and the natural saltiness nicely complements the sweetness of the fruit! *NOTE** Roasting raw in-shell peanuts using this quick, simple method will produce mildly flavored peanuts when cracked open and removed from shell.

The Best Tomato Soup - A Daily Something

I’ve been making tomato soup weekly the past few weeks, and finally settled on this recipe for the BEST tomato soup. it’ll be AS tasty), has a tiny bit of sugar to balance out the acidity of the tomatoes, and of course, some heavy cream, because what’s tomato soup without heavy cream? chunky tomato sauce or diced tomatoes (I used homemade tomato sauce from this summer’s garden tomatoes)3 cups chicken stock (or vegetable stock to make it vegetarian)3 tbsp sugar (or preferred sweetener, but adjust amount accordingly)heavy cream, for drizzling in each bowl (or omit to make it vegetarian) Read notes above regarding salt, sugar, and broth. Add tomato sauce, chicken stock, sugar, basil (reserving some for garnish if you want).

Freezer Friendly Tomato Sauce - A Daily Something

Oh wait, I can, and that’s just what I’m sharing today: a recipe for freezer-friendly tomato sauce! Meghan is sharing her go-to SIMPLE recipe for freezer-friendly tomato sauce. Or if you happen to score a great deal on bulk  tomatoes at your farmer’s  market this summer, you now have an easy, fuss-free way of preserving them. kosher salt (start with 1 tsp and add more to taste) Freezer-friendly storage containers (these restaurant storage containers are the best because they stack well, and I use them for leftovers all the time) Dice tomatoes, cutting out core and any imperfections.

Well, I’ve done it. I’ve started a sourdough starter. And somehow, 36 hours in, I had to start over. I went to feed it this morning and it smelled worse than almost anything. Anyways, meet Margaret (aka Harry), our second attempt at a starter. I’ve been documenting the process in my stories, and I welcome alllll the sourdough stories and tips and tricks (and recipes)!

FAMILY 💗 Our friend @hilaryhyland stopped by a few days ago to take some "porchraits" to document our family in this strange time we're living in. In all our barefoot, unkempt hair, staying home glory. Hilary is offering these porch (or front lawn) sessions, shot from a safe distance, to document this time spent at home.

Have you ever preserved vegetables? I've canned before, but never fermented. I tried quick lacto-fermented radishes this week, and let me tell you: it was simple, and they are delicious. I think I like them better than pickling with vinegar. The “process" (basically: dump salt water on top of vegetables in jar, cover jar, wait) is up on my blog today. And in case you never go to the blog, I've been blogging more than usual, so check if out if you'd like: HAAAPPPYYY FRIDAY!!!! 💕

Stay home survival tip: skip a meal every day. Well, ok, not really. What I really mean is have a snack meal every day. An almost-no-prep-meal. A popcorn and carrots meal. A cereal-for-dinner meal. A homemade bread and butter and block of cheese meal. Light some candles. Relocate the meal to the living room floor. Serve water in a pretty vessel and use special glasses. It’s a guaranteed success!

"We're goldfish people, we're ant farm people. We're not dog people." - George Newton. My question: where do CHICKENS fall? We're considering chickens. I never imagined I'd type these words. My main motivation is affordable fresh, organic, free range eggs. And the experience for the kids. After talking to a few friends, I think we can keep costs low (but I’d love to hear your experience). We had chickens and sheep when I was young (we kinda inherited them from my grandparents, but we weren't really an animal family. My dad used to quote George Newton ALL THE TIME. We had ant farms 🐜 and goldfish.). Tell me everything you know about chickens. The good, the bad, and the ugly. All your tips and tricks. I asked on my story yesterday and got some great advice, but I need more. 🐓 I'll put everything together in a blog post and share your advice soon! Photo by @rebekahjmurray from last year’s #ADailyGathering dinner in Waterford, Virginia at @sfitzb’s lovely @airbnb. These are her pretty little chickens 🐓 Karen and I cannot wait to G A T H E R once again.

A few weeks ago, I asked on my stories about the ways you have been more resourceful. You sent 100s of ideas! I’ve compiled a list of my favorite, and put them in a pretty little blog post: Ten Ways To Be More Resourceful In The Kitchen. And rather accidentally, the post went live today, on Earth Day. 🌎 Head on over to the blog - - for some simple, tangible inspiration on how to live with more intention and resourcefulness in the kitchen. And share other ideas you have! Some friends I mention in the blog post: @hucklegoose @tallulahalexandra @foodloopcompost! Because I know someone will comment about this: I didn’t harvest these ramps; I bought them like this at the farmers’ market last year. I’m aware that pulling the root up this isn’t the best practice for sustainability!

Ok, if you haven’t been quick-fermenting radishes, get yourself some farm fresh radishes, and please stop this mistake. I stopped it this weekend, and my jar of radishes is going to go faaaast. They’re really, really good. I’ll try to get the process blog post up ASAP. But basically, you add sea salt to water and let it all sit in a jar until your desired fermentation. This morning I’m eating them with radish shoots (both radishes and radish shoots from @valleyrootsfarm) and scrambies. 🍳 🌱

Yesterday was a good day. It was FULL of family, living room church, gardening, shooting recipes, riding bikes, chatting with neighbors, neglecting the house and being outside, flickering bonfires that never end, and so much more. We’ll see what today brings...Happy Monday, friends!

My heart.

This. Yes it’s as good as it looks. Mushroom confit with @roosterdirtfarm oyster mushrooms and homemade crusty bread. 🍄

Yesterday’s Farmers’ Market bounty. Radishes and turnips (both with their greens, which will be used...sautéed, turned into pesto, etc.), pea shoots, radish shoots, oyster mushrooms, spring onions, spring garlic, and fresh flowers. Thank you @loudounfarmmkts @valleyrootsfarm @roosterdirtfarm @petalpatchflowerfarm for working so hard, keeping food local, and for enabling us to support small businesses as we are able! What’s my plan for all this, you ask? @sundaysuppers’ mushroom confit, @edibleliving’s spring onion and fennel pizza, my own quick pickled radishes, salads topped with shoots, and fermented radishes using @food52’s fermenting instructions. Mmmmmm.

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