Carlene Forbes

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seattle based life + style blogger ♡ inspiring you to live your best life daily ✎

Location Seattle, WA
Country United States
Member Since JULY 09, 2019
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How I feel about it being Friday! 💕🎉 Sharing a TON of casual + cozy Valentine’s Day looks from @amazonfashion over on my stories & youtube channel including this heart pajama set for only $19! ✨ Everything I shared is super affordable + ships prime 💗 #amazonfinds #amazonfashion #amazonfavoritesfriday #ltkcurves #ltkvday //

3 ways to style @spanx leather joggers! ✨🎉 Which one is your favorite? You can shop all these looks by following me on the app, link in bio 😘 #leatherjoggers #leatherpants #midsizefashion #howtostyle #waystowear #spanx //

Today goes down in history. Today we celebrate. Tonight we already start the hard work. And tomorrow we continue on this journey of democracy in the United States of America... but let’s not forget the words Joe Biden said today. Whether you agree or disagree with the decisions the Biden Harris administration make, please remember that “Disagreement must not lead to disunion.” 🇺🇸♥️ #godblessamerica #historymade #madamvicepresident

Woke up to a blanket of snow which is perfect timing for my @walmartfashion cozy loungewear finds ❄️🤩 New video with these + so many more just went live over on, link in bio 💕 Shop these looks by following me on the app under queencarlene or everything is linked below in the video! ✨⛄️ #cozyfinds #walmartfinds #walmartfashion #ltkunder25 #ltkcurves #cozyoutfits // @walmart

Cozy finds are my favorite! 💕 Today I’m sharing some good ones from @walmartfashion over on my youtube channel including this set that’s under $48! When I tell you this is the softest 👏🏽 loungewear 👏🏽 ever 👏🏽 I was shook!! ! I’m literally wearing it right now + refuse to change into anything else 🤣 Best part about today’s video? Doing it as a collab with my virtual bestie (until we meet in person, duh) @kelly_elizabethxo 🎉 Head to the link in my bio to watch! #walmartfinds #loungewear #dailydeals #comfyoutfit #comfystyle // @walmart

Feeling hopeful for the future on this MLK day, but there is still a lot of work to do 💪🏽✨ @berniceaking said it best today, “Please don’t act like everyone loved my father. He was assassinated. A 1967 poll reflected that he was one of the most hated men in America. Most hated. Many who quote him now and evoke him to deter justice today would likely hate, and may already hate, the authentic King.” 🖤 While many of us are celebrating how far we’ve come, please look around you and realize we also have a long way to go. Dive deep within yourself. Continue to be the voice that so many aren’t able to be. Do what’s right. Speak the truth. Seek equality + justice for all. Continue to seek knowledge along the way even when it isn’t pretty and it’s uncomfortable. And may we continue the work long after this MLK day is over ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 #amplifymelanatedvoices #blackvoices #blackbloggers #blackblogger #mlkjr // 📷 @karyaschanilec

Spent this beautiful Sunday cleaning + + organizing! ✨🧹 Sharing some of my jewelry organization favorites over on my stories + the rest of my bedroom decor details on 💕 #carleneathome #queencarlenehome #ltkhome #homeinspo #neutralhome //

You know I love a good affordable amazon fashion find! 😎✨ This bag is such good quality, comes in multiple colors, & is under $40! Linked in bio on amazon storefront or 🖤 #amazonfinds #amazonfashion #amazonfashionfinds #affordablefashion #ltkitbag #ltkunder50 #ltkfashion //

Happy Saturday friends! ✨💕 I don’t know about you but I’m sipping coffee, organizing my house, & let’s be honest: online shopping because there are so many good deals 🤩 Sharing lots of affordable finds over on my stories + including this $19 sweater that comes in so many cute colors! 💖 What are y’all up to?! #affordablefashion #casualstyle #ltksalealert #ltkunder20 #midsizestyle #walmartfinds #walmartfashion // @walmartfashion

Hi friends! 👋🏽 Wow what a few weeks it’s been... remember when I said I hoped 2021 would be wayyy better than 2020?! Hopefully I didn’t jinx it 🙃 The last few days have been TOUGH to say the least but that’s ok. We need hard days to remind ourselves to enjoy the good ones 💕 As I get back into a routine over here, just know that if you’ve been feeling down, overwhelmed, and tired - I understand. Give yourself some grace... when things are bad they can only go up from there! 😘 And what better way to kick off the weekend over on my stories with #amazonfavoritesfriday? This cozy loungewear set from @amazonfashion is only $33 + these @walmartfashion shoes are only $15! // #amazonfinds #amazonfashion #loungewear #midsizestyle #midsizefashion

Smiled for the first time this week since I got to go into NYC for a photoshoot... there’s something about the city that makes me feel so alive ✨🗽🚕 Maybe it was because I felt refreshed from yesterday’s IGTV or maybe because it was only 30 degrees shooting spring content, we may never know ❄️🤣 Regardless I wanted to say thank you for all your love + support from yesterday’s video 🥰 If you’ve been here for awhile you know I’m outspoken & far from shy - but yesterday I had to dive deep to find the courage within myself before posting but I’m happy I did. I know I have new faces around here and I wanted to share a few more vulnerable things that some of my closest friends don’t even know about me! It’s so easy to see me living my life now and assume I “had it all good” but that’s far from true... so here goes: 🇯🇲 My dad is Jamaican and I’m my very Irish mom’s only child. I’m also the only American-born child of my father. I have lots of family in Jamaica & have visited over the years, but I live with guilt sometimes because most of them can’t visit the US. ☔️ I was born + raised in Seattle, WA & grew up in a very white neighborhood. I often was one of only 2-3 POC in my classes throughout middle + high school. 🏥 My dad passed when I was 9 from leukemia. Before he passed I got to live in Jamaica for 3 months with him while he treated with more non-western medicine but ultimately he had to have treatment in the US. 📚 I’m a first generation college student. While my parents are SO smart, my dad never graduated high school & my mom didn’t finish college. 💰 Growing up in an affluent area doesn’t mean I learned how to gain wealth. I am just now learning as an adult how to handle money responsibly and am just now recognizing the systemic issues that put POC at a disadvantage in regards to this. If you’re new here, welcome. If you’ve been here, thank you. If you left here, I hope you one day find your way back. Love you guys so very much ♥️ // Sweater is one of my faves this winter + is under $35 - linked on or

You already know I love a good @walmartfashion find! 😏 Let’s kick the new year off by styling affordable pieces because you don’t have to spend a fortune to look cute this winter ❄️☃️ Which @walmart find is your favorite? Shop all these looks + more on or 💕 //

Looking at 2021 like... you gonna be better than last year, girl? 😏✨ I don’t know about you guys but I feel relieved, refreshed, & renewed now that 2020 has come to a close! 🎉🎊 I know lots of us had one of the toughest years of our lives, but I don’t think it’s fair to say that NOTHING good happened because the glass is always half full over here + there were definitely good moments! 💕 A few of mine were: virtually connecting with my friends more throughout the year, finding my voice on this platform, building a stronger community with all of you, learning to love my body more, hitting blog goals I never thought would happen, and let’s be honest: learning how to cook more because I was forced to 🤣🍴🍳 Let’s start the year off on a positive note and honor this past year by finding the good... tell me below something amazing that happened to you in 2020 before we leave her behind FOREVER 👇🏽 // 📷 @karyaschanilec

And just like that... 2020 is over 🎊✨ This year has been full of ups and downs physically, emotionally, & mentally. I could sit here and list them all out or I could tell you what I want to accomplish in 2021, but I’m not going to do all that. Instead I just want to say THANK YOU 💕 And I want YOU to THANK YOURSELF because baby girl... you survived ✨🥂 Take a moment to today to thank yourself for all that you did this year! YOU: ✨ Learned to love yourself more ✨ Worked towards accepting your body ✨ Grew during discomfort ✨ Did things you didn’t think you could do ✨ Broke social norms ✨ Stood up for what you believe in ✨ Went after your dreams ✨ Got stronger everyday ✨ Were the best version of yourself you could be at any given moment Now go pop that champagne & celebrate the new year because you earned it. 2020, thanks for all the lessons... but 2021, here we come!! ! 🍾✨🎉 #goodbye2020 #hello2021 #betterdaysahead // 📷 @karyaschanilec

Still making recipes from the @shopritestores Baking Spirits Bright event weeks later! 🙌🏽 [sponsored] If you’ve been watching my stories, you already know which are some of my go-to recipes now, including this peppermint moscow mule perfect for the holidays! ✨♥️ Crush up a candy cane + shake, add @sanpelligrino_us ginger beer, & add a splash of @schweppesUS and garnish with mint - you’re good to go! 🎉✨ Can’t wait to keep my shopping festive at @shopritestores. Thank you to @wheatthins @goodthins @triscuit @pepsi @realduncanhines @filippoberio_us & @bettycrocker for sponsoring such an amazing event to take us through the holiday season! 🎄✨🥂 #bowlandbasket #wholesomepantry //

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