Abbey Kay

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Love yourself & the journey you’re one. After almost 8 years blogging I have been able to work with many making brands like Macy’s, Whole Foods, Aerie, Kashi, JustFab, & more. I love sharing about real life emotions & encouraging others to love their bodies. I’m the girl who is on your side in life & is all about being honest & open. Coffee, donuts, & photography are my greatest loves in life!

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almost made it through no post november, but these were too good not to share 🌿✨

cut the BS, show up & BE SEEN. @rails @goodamerican @conceptsreno @publicdesire @discountglasses

the last look of summer 🤍🌿 @goodamerican #goodsquad @dolcevita #dolcevitapartners

shoes of summer (cause it’s not over just yet) 🤍🌿 @dolcevita #dolcevitapartners

SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF 🤍 but, what does that even mean? personally, i struggle with self doubt, i often overthink myself out of things, & i choose what’s best for others instead of what’s best for me all of this makes it hard for me to go after or even know what i really want & it leaves me not living the life that i desire lately, i’ve been encouraged to stop the thoughts that hold me back so that i can show up for my life it’s not easy, but here’s how we can do this together if you’re like me believe you can accomplish your goals & dreams because you are equipped to do so know that you can overcome your anxious thoughts because you have the ability to stand in your power no matter what life throws at you because you are strong enough to win you are who has gotten you this far in life & you are capable of anything you set your mind to show up for yourself & the rest will fall into place ✨ #dolcevitashoes #dolcevitapartners

dresses & @dolcevita 🤍 #dolcevitashoes #dolcevitapartners

using @lola has been a total game changer when it comes to tampon time! ✨ here’s why: 🤍 i love that you can get tampons shipped straight to your door every month 🤍 you can currate your box to fit your flow 🤍 they’re 100% organic cotton 🤍 women owned business 🤍 they take part of the stress out of that time of the month that we all dread 🤍 they offer tons of other women based products try them out, i promise you won’t be disappointed! #tampontime #lolaofficial #womenproducts #productreviews #womanhood #beautyreels #productreels #timeofthemonth #loveyourbody #womenownedsmallbusiness #beautystandards #renotahoe #renoisrad #renonevada

body image is a weird thing & i’m here to let you in on my story… this photo isn’t me at my thinnest or me at my thickest but would you ever have known that if i didn’t just tell you that? we are always most critical of ourselves & that’s the truth we compare our bodies, our rolls, our thighs, our stretch marks, & every other flaw we might see in ourselves i don’t usually compare myself to anyone but myself & that’s honestly worse somehow i’m sad i got curvier, & i’m happy i didn’t get more curvy, but every size is still me so i have to remind myself that no matter how my body changes i need to love myself right now no matter what my pant size doesn’t matter as long as i wear what the fuck i want to ensure my outfits still make me feel like a confident sexy bitch & that’s all i can ask of myself, to be my own hype girl in the mirror so that i can be confident in my daily life & worry about one less thing so love every curve, embrace every change, & celebrate the effort to feel comfortable in your own skin you are so much more than just a body, but your body allows you to live this life so love it for that gift that it gives daily 🤍

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