Abbey Kay

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Love yourself & the journey you’re one. After almost 8 years blogging I have been able to work with many making brands like Macy’s, Whole Foods, Aerie, Kashi, JustFab, & more. I love sharing about real life emotions & encouraging others to love their bodies. I’m the girl who is on your side in life & is all about being honest & open. Coffee, donuts, & photography are my greatest loves in life!

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at home selfies are still essential ✨

my year in review & what’s next in 2020

But before I switch gears & focus on what I want to experience this next year, I want to take a quick look back at this past year & reflect on all that it brought. I don’t share much about Reno on here because I get to share my love for it over there which is a dream Don’t worry, my photoshoot photos aren’t going anywhere, but I’m excited to get to share more by being relaxed enough to want to share everyday photos again since that’s how this all started anyway! i want to share more life, more struggles, more coffee, more food, more emotions, & more realness which includes adding more encoragement & body positive posts this year * less critical – in work, in life, in content, i want to chill out & not worry so much, know that i am good enough & that what i do is too

Bahama Mama Monday 🌴☀️💕 . . . Wearing my new fave @aerie swimsuit from my cruise earlier this year on the coolest & prettiest island ever 🏝 . Curvy & XXL🍑 didn’t stop me from enjoying the sun & loving myself on this vacay day, & I’m still choosing to love myself even now when I’m layin’ low & staying home! #aerieswim #aeriereal #aerie

what 27 feels like

I know it’s almost the end of the year & this is where my end of the year/new beginnings post should be. You don’t have to make excuses for how you feel & you should never let anyone tell you that what you feel isn’t valid. I’ve felt this way long before turning 27, but the fact that I can be a 27 year old example of what it’s like to accept yourself at any size, weight, shape, or personality I’m choosing to be okay with how my everyday looks because I know before long my everyday’s are going to change & look different all of a sudden

summer essentials ✨🌿 @summerfridays

pantry products: plant-based beauty & household items

Thankfully here in Reno we have a local plant based apothecary shop known as Pantry Products that makes the best chemical free products like hand soap, facial masks & scrubs, baby products, lip balms, hand lotions & so much more! Pantry Products makes an Earl Grey Lip balm that is my favorite, but I also really love their Grapefruit + Mint flavor. My favorite hand soap scent from Pantry Products is the Orange + Clove, but the Grapefruit + Mint one is amazing as well. My sister-in-laws love their hand soaps & body polishes & my mom love’s their Gardener’s Hand Salve that have healed her hands from harsh dryness.

the best part of a morning workout is the body wash you use after 🙌🏻 #AD lately, i’m all about this new @niveausa Nourishing Body Wash that cleanses without drying your skin, has a creamy lather for amazingly soft skin, & reveals healthy-looking skin that feels completely nourished! simple choices you make each day, like using NIVEA Body Wash with Nourishing Serum add up & can have a big impact on keeping your skin looking & feeling softer than ever! bring a little bit of goodness to your shower with #NIVEAUSA & grab your own bottle at your local Walmart today! #NIVEAShower

lucky number seven: what seven years of blogging has looked like for me

Over time companies started reaching out more & more, local businesses loved reposting my photos & wanted to work with me, giveaways happened with small brands, & legit photoshoots took place that weren’t taken by my dad or brother. I had experience in this whole blogger world for five years at this point, I knew photography pretty well having had tons of my photos reposted at this point, & I also knew a lot about writing, advertising, & social media too. When I went full time I wrote for the local review paper & took photos for my articles, I started doing social media takeovers for the local mall, I was contacted by Macy’s & Whole Foods within a few months of each other, I started my product photography business, I started getting more & more sponsored post opportunities, & I felt like I was getting sent products every other day. I love putting outfits together, I love styling food & props, I love working camera angles both as a model & as a photographer, I love editing photos & sharing my life & voice with the world.

the @primallypure gang is all here 🌿 take a look below to see what each of these products are & why i ❤️ them! Cleansing Oil - an amazing product that totally sold me on the double cleansing technique to remove seriously ALL of your make at night! Everything Spray - great toner that smells amazing too! Dry Shampoo - the bottle lasts forever & helps me keep my hair oil free so i only have to wash it every 4-5 days! Lip Balm - with scents like grapefruit & creamsicle, there’s no way not to love em! Complexion Spray - bought this on one a whim, & it’s probably my least favorite/beneficial personally because I don’t like the smell of it. Deodorant- love the scent of lemongrass that is so sweet & it’s a natural deodorant that actually works! Have you tried this brand before? Are you currently loving any other natural products? Let me know below 👇🏻

someone call the fire department, cause my hair is 🔥 . . all thanks to with the amazing hair & photo skills 🌿💕

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