Ashley Goldman

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Hi, I’m Ashley! The Gold Hive is where I share the journey of restoring my historic bungalow in sunny San Diego. I’m passionate about quality home improvements, sustainable practices, unique interior design, and old house charm. I detail a range of home projects including budget-friendly DIYs, adventurous hand-painted murals, old-house architecture improvements, and major renovations. My style balances classic charm with modern updates.

I take pride in sharing lady-led DIY projects, low-waste living, home maintenance tips, and unique artwork picks. With my love of old homes and sustainable home improvement, a reader said it best; my blog is “the intersection of appreciation for the past and consciousness for the future.”

Readers appreciate my authentic voice and turn to me for my genuine take on my favorite products, techniques, and experiences. My goal is for all of my readers to have the confidence to turn their living spaces into homes they adore with quality that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Location SAN DIEGO, CA United States
Country United States of America
Member Since DECEMBER 27, 2020
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Weekly Roundup — The Gold Hive

I’ve been volunteering with a local organization to help folks get vaccination appointments. so challenging to get appointments when they fill up so fast, when websites are cumbersome, or when people don’t have the time/know-how to navigate the system. If you are tech-savvy and want to help out, I encourage you to find a local organization to support - or, just post on your neighborhood Facebook group asking if anyone needs help. If you’re in San Diego and need help, fill out a form here and someone (maybe me!) will book your appointment.

A Custom Plate Rack In The Kitchen! — The Gold Hive

I don’t want a bunch of open shelving because I feel like it ends up creating surfaces that then require unnecessary things like art and plants and bowls that aren’t ever used. Yet, there’s something so nice about having everything we use frequently at arm’s reach, and I like seeing useful items to make the kitchen feel more like a lived-in humble space. The perfectly utilitarian open storage system that instantly adds charm and functionality. Note my previous renderings included open shelving by the range, but I’ve since vetoed those and will do art instead.

Weekly Roundup — The Gold Hive

If you think good design is expensive…” Artist Heather Hancock has a cool subscription series where she mails you three of her fine art prints along with a handy stand to swap them out throughout the season! Check out the prints she sent me here, and then click here to enter to win one of her seasonal subscriptions! say that I’m feeling still too cautious to do any of this, so don’t feel like you’re How much can we do as individuals to save our planet from climate catastrophe when what we really need is a massive systemic change at a higher level?

Weekly Roundup — The Gold Hive

First, researching and shopping for a sustainable countertop, then designing and installing stone, then sealing marble to prevent staining. If American women earned minimum wage for the unpaid work they do around the house and caring for relatives, guess how much they would have collectively made last year. I’m not a big SNL watcher, but this bit really spoke to me and the song is stuck in my head. encourage Neosporin anymore and recommends just washing a cut and maybe applying this to wounds.

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