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Great to meet you.

I ran a circus for 10 years before hitting the road to pursue a life of being a travel blogger and photographer. Currently am located in central Vietnam in the City of Danang (Due to the pandemic), however I hope to pursue more active traveling in Asia when the borders open up again. Looking to connect with other bloggers and artists, or people who need travel articles and stories written.

Location Danang SE Asia
Country Vietnam
Member Since MAY 17, 2021
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Photos & Stories while on Motorbikes.

Moreover, the majority of photographers travel bloggers who usually blaze travel paths, share stories, and photos from travel, are laying low. This slowdown is also creating a vacuum of consumers who enjoy seeing pictures and reading stories of travel but now cant. Each day we estimate between 10 to 20 great photos taken on DSLR equivalent cameras (600 – 1,200 photos in total), along with 2 photos posted to Instagram daily, and 2 to facebook (*from either edited photos or camera photos). Your name and logo included in the print on demand photo journal book (Release date TBD).

Adventure to Drawer Studios

However, after a few dead ends, I connected with a great group of local artists and had the pleasure of going to visit several art studios. One of the artists had a studio called Drawer Studios located just outside of town. Đinh Quang Hải is the lucky artist that calls Drawer studios his home. Here are some photos of my time with Đinh Quang Hải Overhead, his studio known as “Drawer Studios.

The Hoi An Museum

If you are motorbiking around the streets of Hoi An or even walking, it’s easy to miss the Hoi An Museum, this unassuming building sits at a busy intersection but gets no attention. — the main two chunks of time covered on this floor are the Cham history and trading history Floor three includes some old equipment used in everyday life and some old household equipment. Being that the Hoi An Museum is the tallest building in town, a commanding view of the city greets you when you arrive at the top.

Duc gallery : Hoi An : Vietnam

When I meet up with Duc, he and his crew were hard at work, hanging a new show at a local gallery in Hoi An. The Duc Gallery is about displaying the artworks of freelance artists; they organize art shows and exhibitions, host workshops, assemble group works and create creative collaborations. The Duc Gallery, from my conversation with them, wants to organize more exhibitions in Hoi An for the local creative’s and bring more international artists from Vietnam and the world to show here. Duc studio’s artists also collaborate in gorgeous artworks such as frescoes, mural paintings, artworks for resorts, hotels, and other public spaces.

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