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7 Truths About Money and Military Life ~ Soldier's Wife, Crazy Life

You re-do the budget to reflect the raise, but then, the next time they get paid, you don’t see the extra money. If you or your spouse notice an issue, your service member should talk to Finance, and make sure not to spend any of that extra money or you will find yourself in trouble when the military takes it back. You can use a bonus to pay off debt, put towards a new home, take a trip, save for retirement, or pad your savings. While spending a bonus upgrading all your electronics or buying a brand new car can be tempting, make sure to make wise choices with any extra money that comes into your home.

So You Just Found Out You’re Pregnant, And Your Spouse is Deploying

When I found out I was pregnant with baby #2, there was a deployment in our future. I knew this deployment and pregnancy wasn’t going to be easy. If you have just found out you are pregnant and know there is a deployment in your future, here are a few things to think about: Making friends through all of this is going to be such an important thing to do. With being pregnant and having a deployed spouse, you are going to need to make some plans.

What Military Spouses Need to Know About Military Discounts

Different businesses offer different types of discounts and knowing what they are is important. Not all businesses offer them to spouses One thing you should know is that not all military discounts are for military spouses, but many of them are. You might not be able to use them on everything In most cases, there is something you won’t be able to use the military discount on. Not all locations have the same discount Another thing about military discounts to keep in mind is that different locations for the exact same business might offer something different.

The Camo in my Living Room

The camo in my living room means he is getting ready to go. The camo in my living room means that I won’t be able to see him for a while. Sometimes the camo means he is leaving for way too long, and my heart breaks a little when I think about what that means. As we watch them and see that camo in our living rooms, we feel a pride in our spouse that has chosen this road.

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