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31 Printable Affirmation Cards for Kids

Here’s what to look for when choosing daily affirmations for kids. Without you nagging or reminding them to say the affirmation, kids will look for the validation needed to prove the affirmation true. So when a child chooses an affirmation, it’s important to allow the child to work on building that skill for as long as they desire. When kids are working to boost their self-esteem (aren’t we all?), affirmation cards help the child recognize and seek out their strengths.

My Favorite Things Family Gift Guide for 2020

We spent more quality time together as a family in the outdoors, playing board games, and on FaceTime with extended family members. While these weren’t exactly the gifts I was expecting, they are gifts in life experience that have changed us…forever. As the holidays are coming, I do LOVE experience gifts, as well as gifts that you cannot buy. If you read my post about why kids won’t listen, then you know that in order for kids to listen, focus and learn to sit still for a period of time, they must develop both proprioception and vestibular sense by experiencing many physical challenges during childhood.

How to Stop Toddler Hitting

As I get into how to stop your child from hitting, I will walk you through how to help your child learn to meet their need for power without hitting another person. If the child is trying to meet the need for experience or needs more movement → Help the child find ways to move their body in a way that you are ok with. If there is an unmet need for power, see above for ways to help the child meet their need for power inside your boundary. Finally, when kids struggle with hitting, it shows you they need a lot of role play and practice with not hitting when you are NOT in the heat of the moment.

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