Confessions Of A Binge Eater

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Being a diagnosed Binge Eater, the idea behind this is to take away the shame and embarrassment of Binge Eating Disorder through education and humor.

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What diet am I on?

Diets don’t work the same for people suffering with Binge Eating Disorder compared to people who don’t suffer from an eating disorder. But, Binge Eating Disorder isn’t about your appetite, it’s about your obsessive thoughts and your compulsive actions. I can’t just eat two pieces of pizza because for the rest of the night I would be thinking about the other 6 pieces I didn’t eat – and wouldn’t stop thinking about those pieces until I ate them. This helps because I feel like I am eating a bag of candy even though I am only eating 5 pieces.

Trick Or Treat... I'll pass

As a kid, I remember dressing up and going door-to-door aiming to find the best candy which might bring me even better candy as I was prone to the annual tradition of candy-trade. I’m sure everyone had that one house you would go back to once, twice, three, and even four times because they passed out the good stuff – full-size candy bars, freshly dipped and wrapped caramel apples with nuts, or a massive handful (maybe two) of the best candy mix ever. I go to halloween parties where I don’t have to be concerned that I am going to be eating a ton of candy. From the pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin pies, candy corn, really anything flavored pumpkin Halloween is always, and will always be, a struggle.

Chicken Ratatouille with Brown Rice

One of my all time favorite recipes to make when it starts to get cold outside is homemade chicken ratatouille. Now I know what you’re thinking ratatouille is traditionally vegetarian but I love it with some chicken! This is the healthiest homemade chicken ratatouille recipe out there! Plus it reminds me of when I first made it when I was 15! Dice onion and sautè in pan until translucent (5 min) While onions are cooking get your tomatoes ready.

Go big or home

I love traveling the country to talk about Binge Eating Disorder; I also genuinely love educating and helping others. . Every time I’m in a new city I have short bouts of opportunity to explore and take in the sites – new places, new peoples, and of course new restaurants. And as you can guess my little assessment of people is played no more so than it is with waiters and waitresses – and the love/hate relationship with the food they serve me and my subsequent paranoia that everyone is privy to my deepest, innermost tho ughts surrounding food.. However suffering from Binge Eating Disorder, I wonder if living in a city where eating as much as you want is totally accepted how that would affect me and my recovery.

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