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SRI Tech Solutions - A fastest growing IT staffing and software development firm based in Tampa, FL.

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Booming Sector to Opt a Career

The Healthcare/medical care industry is an aggregation sector that gives goods and services to treat patients with therapeutic, preventive, rehabilitative, and palliative considerations. The Global Industry Classification Standard and the Industry Classification Benchmark further recognize this industry as two fundamental gatherings: Healthcare equipment or Medical services hardware and administrations involve organizations and substances that give clinical gear, clinical supplies, and medical care services, for example, clinics/hospitals, home medical care suppliers, and nursing homes. In Software Engineering field, computers in medical services are utilized to associate patients with doctors and to make the work of specialists and nurses more proficient and easier. Individuals with software engineering or computer science skills are expected to dissect clinical information and oversee medical services IT divisions.

Technology Transformation and Innovations in Retail Industry

Retailers never had an issue with the collecting of data, rather than using it or providing solutions to it, Predictive Analytics changes everything to make smart retailing decisions for the following factors like purchasing & inventory reports, understanding consumer behavior to avail discounts or offers based on customer interests and preferences. Big data analytics and Natural language processing tools are automated the data submission from the email or purchases history and sends follow ups and reactivation emails for abundance of data. Whether it might be online or offline shopping, social involvement is huge these days, it is all about involving other in our purchasing, there are many social platforms encouraging people with modern influencers and communities like in Instagram, FB and Pinterest. Recommendation Engines are running invisible in back-end, it will be filtered based on the customer search or interest or wish-list and few are like smart offers based on customer preferences belongs to age, geographic and community groups.

Want to Improve your Recruiting Skills?

Communication is very important, no matter the role is, especially recruiters needs to have excel in it and be able to entice candidates to apply. Recruiters able to do multitasking with time management when company needs to fill a position quickly and should be flexible with working hours. Recruiter deals with the candidate and a company at a time, so they need to have patience, especially at the time of setting up an interview. Their body language invites and open to candidates for a role and able to read the candidate’s body language to set comfort at both the ends.

Cybersecurity Future Threats & Opportunities

Social manipulation threats like phishing have also been used by criminals to manipulate users into transmitting personal information like authentication details and credit-card numbers. Learning Poisoning: When a programmer target and injects commands into a machine learning application, then the program become vulnerable to Machine learning algorithms typically use information from crowd-sourced or social media platforms. Machine learning algorithms typically use information from crowd-sourced or social media platforms. Most trending job roles in cybersecurity: The companies estimate that global spending on cyber-security services will hit a whopping $142.6 billion by 2023 with the scope of the cyber challenge expected to continue rising.

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