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Magnet is an improv comedy theater and school located in NYC. The theater at 254 w 29th St and the Training Center is at 22 W 32nd St 10th Floor.

Social Audience 15K
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Announcing the Spring, 2019 Editions of the CONSERVATORY CIRCUIT and MUSICAL CIRCUIT! – Magnet Theater

The Circuit is a chance for Magnet students to play on teams of their very own for a limited run of shows at the Magnet Studio Theater at the Training Center. CONSERVATORY CIRCUIT teams are open to students who have been accepted into the Magnet's Conservatory program, which means you've completed Improv Level 5 or higher. [] MUSICAL CIRCUIT teams are open to students have completed the Magnet's Musical Improv program, which means you've finished Musical Improv Level 3. *** –Read the application closely to be sure you're applying for the right team and that you meet the class requirement for eligibility! –Do not call or email registrar regarding application status.

Announcing the Spring, 2019, Musical Megawatt Teams! – Magnet Theater

We are thrilled to announce the creation of two new Musical Megawatt teams! Names with an asterisk* are returning to Musical Megawatt. New Team DaftJames Bruffee*Russ Feder*Sara Kalkstein*Ilan KaplanAlejandro La Rosa*Vanessa MagulaNatalie Sullivan*New Team PunkJacob Horn*Lulu Krause*Mike Kuplic*Lane Kwederis*Robin WinstonDavid BarreraAmy CharowskyAudrey MattainoAmanda MayerAdam PayneMatt RadlowMiles Lindahl*Family TripChris BellMark CanlasMatty FrazierVanita KumarBlake RogersErin WagnerJessica Coyle*Warm BloodedJon BanderMelissa GordonCharlie NicholsonOlivia PetzyRoman PietrsAli ReedBrian Hansbury*WonderlandKathleen ArmentiCamber CarpenterJennette CronkHarry MarkerEric TangAlex TracySean Bartlett*

All-new Ringers debuts April 1st! – Magnet Theater

Monday March 25, 2019, 1:25pm - by Magnet Theater Congratulations to this round's Ringers! Ringers, a tri-annual sketch show produced by Armando Diaz and Amanda Xeller, features sketches written by new and seasoned writers, fresh acting from improvisers, and direction by eager and practiced sketch voices. The show as a whole showcases both recognizable and up-and-coming talents of the Magnet Theater. This month's show features sketches written by Alberto Burgos, Brian Alexander, Caroline Ulwick, Celine Elliott, Kerrod Williams, Kiran Hefa, and Vannessa Jackson Direction by Alina Konan, Christian Tucci, Julia Schroeder, Keith DiRienzo, Laura Fabius, and Shelley Little And acting by Ande Cousins, Andy Lachman, Erin White, Esther Lu, Eugene Chow, Isabel Cuddihy, Julie McNamara, Kay Mollica, Kristy Hasen, Mackenzie Comer, Laura Lenis, Lisa Yapp, Nick Phillips, Patrick Gallagher, Teri Stewart, Vanessa Magula, Vanita Kumar, Victoria Martin, and Zach Gelfand CLICK HERE

Announcing Spring 2019 Megawatt Teams! – Magnet Theater

Sunday March 17, 2019, 3:52pm - by admin Magnet Theater is pleased to announce the new teams and additions for the Spring 2019 season of Megawatt, debuting this Wednesday, March 20, at 7, 8, 9,  and 10:15 pm. KEY: Name - new to Megawatt Name^ - returning to Megawatt Name Mary Johnson- Justin LoBasso^- Karan Sagar- Janelle Bentley- Alex Kornfeld- Jason Farr- Jonathan Fuchs- Ian O´Keefe*SHE WOLF-

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