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life + style blog with an emphasis on finances.

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Old Navy Toddler Girls' Spring clothes

Get ready for some of my favorite Old Navy Toddler Girls’ Spring Clothes! I’m not a huge fan of over the top cutesy girl clothes and Old Navy has the perfect balance of cute patterns and timeless staples. Naturally I turned to my trusty friend and found that the Old Navy Toddler Girls’ Spring Clothes section is full of SO MUCH bright, cheery goodness. I’ll update what I end up getting her, but for now you can easily peruse my favorite Old Navy Toddler Girls’ Spring Clothes right here on my blog!

101 in 1001 #55: Use up 25 oils

TWENTY of the items on my list are literally “places to go” and while many others aren’t actual places to go, they require going places (like bowling over 100, holding Lucy & Layla). Item #55 on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days was to use up 25 essential oils and by golly, I have far surpassed 25. I use cinnamon bark for an anthropologie diffuser blend, a cozy day diffuser blend, and adding to our hand soap/cleaner to spice things up 🙂 Wild Orange (5 ml) (x2) It’s a women’s monthly blend (if you catch my drift) but I use it ALL THE TIME because just the smell of it makes me feel calm.

Best Amazon Purchases of 2020

I thought I’d share a little list of my best Amazon purchases of 2020 🙂 We started using Subscribe & Save with Madeleine’s formula and added this coffee to it to unlock the max savings and it is a HIT. But I’d always use it once and put it in the sink so if I wanted a second cup of coffee (and let’s be real When I’m washing dishes, I’m always listening to podcasts which means my phone ended up on the counter dangerously close to piles of water or food debris or.. you know, a plethora of disgusting potentially dangerous things for my phone.

September Debt Repayment Recap

’s birthday (we got her a Pottery Barn chair and bought food/some decor) and buying new filters and an air purifier (because the air was toxic). Some of our recurring payments (Netflix, Tailwind, Hulu, Adobe, blog hosting, etc) are put on credit cards and then paid off but honestly this month I kind of forgot about that with the Southwest card. We’ll pay off the Disney card this month and then ALL of our money will be thrown at the Southwest card, and then after that we’ll start saving for a house. The Vancouver Clinic (midwife etc for Madeleine’s birth) : $850 $0 Disney Card: $406.76  {-50.8%} Southwest Card:   $4,073.13 {+10.49%} Stephanie’s Car:   $6,024.44 {-8%}

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