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Creating a atmosphere for women to hold space for one another and breakthrough their higher self through supported community. Primary Focus in

Holistic Health Wellness Minimalism Travel Mental Growth Life Expansion

Location Miami/Fort Lauderdale, FL
Country United States of America
Member Since AUGUST 04, 2021
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Turning Anyting Into A Luxury – Nijah Mechele

a marvel,as the giant star dwarfed everything around it, and shone down illuminating the horizon welcoming a new day into existence..a sight that the servant marveled at no matter how slighted he may have felt as a result of the extra duty.. The Greater Miami and the Beaches is renowned for spas that rank among the “Best Spas in America,” and are beloved by spa connoisseurs around the world. Miami Spa Months are comprised of the destination’s hotel spas, health clubs, day spas and med spas offering locals and visitors up to 50 percent off treatments. During this time, diners enjoy $39 three-course prix fixe dinners, and $23 lunches and brunches at participating restaurants.

Sunday’s Fit For A Queen – Nijah Mechele

Beautiful Beach also has some of the best people-watching that South Florida has to offer. The park area of the beach hosts a kite-making workshop typically on sunday mornings and sells kites to fly in a big grassy area facing Biscayne Bay. John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park is also consistently ranked the #1  Coral Reef Snorkeling experience in Key Largo. This park has seven islands lined with Beautiful Coral and of course crystal clear shallow waters making it easy to spot tropical fish and other exotic marine life.

My Journey Back To Self

Its a deep clean that many soaps can not achieve with added bonus that is hand made soap from Africa where majority of chemicals used in US products are not found there because it illegal. Prior to my doing this i would notice my skin would always be so dry so by doubling up on moisturizer im able to still feel exceptional clean with out harsh dry skin A recent new member in my daily regimen this oil has done justice for my brows when i actual intended for this to be a Lip Treatment/ Face moisturizer. I would use this oil on a daily and notice after a while how rapid my eyebrow growth had become and figured right away

Overcoming Procrastination To Create The Life You Desire – Nijah Mechele

Day dreaming of success isn’t going to get you closer to your desires with out implementing any actions Lets try using a exercise to help identify the main reason for your self-sabotage. The inner You does not want to see you hurt or unconformable in any way, In fact it will deliberately do its best to keep you safe and comfortable even if your surroundings or current state is detrimental . Part of the reason why change can be so difficult for some, its like you are holding your breath and you will breathe at the right moment

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