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Indian in Florida, sharing my love for affordable and wearable fashion, styling, taking creative photos and raising a toddler!

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Lifelines! #mothersday2023

❤️ #valentineday #galentinesday #friends #reddress @lulus

🤖 👾 🏌‍♀️

No filters needed 🧿

Wonders of nature 🏞

🍫🥰 #momandson #momandsontime #loveyou #disneysprings#orlandodiaries

Indian Independence day celebration at @uptown_altamonte 🙂

About last night 🌙 #friends #orlandodiaries❤️ #ladiesnightout

How did I lose 15 kgs in 4 months?

Yes, I feel Cardio gives you the best results for losing weight. The calories you consume should be less than the calories you burn to lead to weight loss. I have a sweet tooth and it is impossible for me to curb all my sweet cravings, so I started to make healthy desserts ( like protein date balls, banana nut bread, Banana nice cream- all recipes on my blog). So in a nutshell, find your motivation, make a diet plan, avoid eating out, start with an exercise you love doing, keep going, and remember you can do it!

“You can never get back in shape post pregnancy”, they said!

I am sure one of the most googled topics on the internet for new moms, along with a zillion other baby-related questions, is ” How to lose pregnancy weight” and I completely get it since I was one of those moms. For 9 months straight you eat healthily, take optimum care of your body to nurture the beautiful life within you and once the baby is out you hope to be back in your perfect pre-pregnancy shape, only to realize that you still look 6 months pregnant! Well, there are a few lucky ones who do not gain weight and look like a celebrity straight out of the hospital, but then everybody is different and I clearly wasn’t one of them. This post is to motivate all you beautiful ladies that a majority of us go through these feelings postpartum and that it is completely FINE, It is okay to put on weight, It is okay to not be in your best shape, It will all be fine!

Easy Peasy & Super healthy 3 ingredient chocolate Ice cream recipe!!

There are tons of great recipes you can use it in and one of those is this “3 ingredient kid-friendly ice cream” which is not only delicious but super healthy too!!! I am so sure a person with a sweet tooth who was also trying to eat healthily came out with this amazing recipe. , I am never going back to store-bought ice creams laden with chemicals and fats! If it does not blend too well add some milk to it and top it with more nuts for that extra crunch and dose of healthy fats.

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