Rebecca Sharples

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Travel blogger living in England and visiting various amazing destinations all over the world! My travel blog aims to link the beauty of travel with the importance of self care and wellness including evidence based research and views from my own experiences. I hope to inspire and motivate others to get out there, take a risk and enjoy the journey of life!

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You didn't start making £10k months while sipping cosmo's by the pool so stop selling it like that!🤦🏼‍♀️ . I know what you're thinking... "Oh, she's on one again", right?!👀🤣. But it's a huge bug bear of mine in this industry! . When sometimes, people start, believing that this work will be some guaranteed get rich quick scheme and they'll be able to quit their jobs in 6 months time... . Then they call it a scam if they've not made a sale in the first year. . On a serious note, I'm just SO passionate about this role and the incredible opportunities and lifestyle which it can provide!🤩 . . Look - I'm just saying that if someone comes to me and is the type of person that is determined and willing to put the work in, then all of the hurdles are SO worth it and the results and success is guaranteed to come! . I believe that we all deserve to live happy, healthy, abundant, freeing lifestyles and I KNOW that I can provide you with the vehicle to get you there🙌🏼 . I just feel that as marketers... We really need to do better by our potential clients. . Yours truly✌🏼 . - - - -

Who do I know that struggles with 'The Monday blues' or that feeling of dread the night before a 12 hour shift and wants to create a life where they never have to feel this way again? . If you're ready for change and are open minded, coachable and willing to put in the work to achieve your goals, then get in touch! . Drop a 💯 in the comments! - - - #mondayblues💙 #needanewjob #createyourdreamlife #manifestyourreality #beyourownboss #freedombasedbusiness #onlinebusinessopportunity #nhsworkers #nurseprobs

Why you should not be relying on your NHS income. . In today's live, I discuss how the majority of people rely on earned income i.e working as an employee for an organisation, receiving monthly salary. . We're exchanging time for money. A hamster wheel where the longer we run, the more we get paid. . Often, earned income is enough just to cover basic needs, food, shelter, warmth. In fact in this current climate, sometimes it doesn't even cover that!😫 . This is where putting your money to work comes in handy! Investments such as property, stocks/shares, side hustles. . You're able to build an income thst isn't solely relied upon all of your time. You can literally be earning income in your sleep or whilst out enjoying life i.e passive/residual income👀 . . We weren't put on this earth to simply work every hour under the sun until we die! . Don't rely on your earned income, Don't spend the rest of your life trading time for money. There are other ways!

Dear me - I promise I'll NEVER let you down gorgeous girl! . I am determined to make you proud of everything you've achieved, no matter how small! All of the challenges that you've overcome, the losses experienced. . There's been happy times, sad times, excitement, anger. There's been love, heartbreak, enlightenment and pain. . You've been through enough to break you, yet you stand with your head held high and the most cheesiest, happiest smile for all of the world to see! A heart filled with love and positive energy to share with everyone💞. . You've given so much and shown love to those who just take and take from your spirit of seeing the best in everyone. . Favours, you would only ask as a last resort, yet you'd be the first to offer it to others. . You're keen to lift others up with your positivity and inspiration, even if there's no-one to return that. . You always try to give your best, for yourself, for others, for the world. . This is why I try my best every damn day! I just wanna make the inner child in me proud!🥰 . . I never could have imagined I'd be where I am today, I never would have thought this life would be possible. . I never could have imagined the person that I had the potential to become or the various lives I would positively impact along the way. . I was just a little girl with a dream. Then I took that dream and turned it into reality. . So keep on shining your light little one, reminding me who I am, showing me the way💫. . And for that - I promise I will NEVER let you down❤️ - - - - #innerchildlove #innerchildchats #innerchildwork #selfloveisthebestlove #loveyourselfalways #itsallforyou

I didn't meditate my way here... . I struggle to be in 'ease and flow' . I practice affirmations I barely even believe . I've never made a business plan . I've had periods of self doubt, anxiety and fear . Sometimes I swear. . I still like to drink, party and make a fool of myself . And yet - Here I am, an online business owner that's changing people's lives because that's what I was born for!🥰 . My breakthrough at the end of 2022 was simply to be unapologetically me... take it or leave it! . 👀Let go of all this toxic side of personal development that says you have to be this and that in order to see success. . Be YOU! . Being your truest self is the super power to getting what you want! - - - - #beuniquelyyou #youholdthepower #betheenergyyouwanttoattract #bethebestversionofyourself #youdoyouboo #bossladylife

5 signs that you're ready to earn income online👇🏼: . 1. You want out of the rat race . 2. You've always wanted to be your own boss . 3. You have big dreams and ambition . 4. You're open minded to what's out there . 5. You crave more freedom for travel, to pursue passions or spend more time with loved ones . If you share 1 or more of these views, then maybe working online could be for you! . Drop a 💯 below and I'll personally reach out to you with further information - - - - #workonlinesuccess #beyourownboss #networkmarketingbusiness #mlmlifestyle #yourjourneystartshere

Is the water you drink killing you?!👀 . Apologies for the clickbait headline, but still... It's true! . Even the countries with the best water quality supplies in the world still contain levels of lead, mercury, arsenic, chlorine, fluoride alongside the standard dirt and sediments🤦🏼‍♀️ Respiratory complaints, GI issues, heart disease, cancers neurological issues are just some of the side effects of these components. . You can find full details of water quality in your area by searching with your provider. For example, for the UK, it's United Utilities. . Think your safe with bottled water? Wrong!😫 Microplastic exposure can lead to inflammation, immunological complaints, neurological damage and more. . Considering up to 60% of the human body is water, it only makes sense that we should be consuming the best that there is out there! . You only need to research pubmed articles on Electrolyzed Reduced Water (ERW) to find the significant impact on disease/illness... People are literally being cured or symptoms eased from illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, asthma and more!🤩 . And as they always say - Prevention is better than a cure! So if you're: *Conscious what you're putting into your body *Health/Fitness focussed *Tried all the latest detoxes and juice cleanse, tried miracle pills/medication to help with your complaint. *Looking to improve yours and your families health . .... But haven't even stopped to consider the water you're consuming - EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! . Now is the time to do something about it! . 💧DM me for facts, figures, science jargon and more!

Relationship Status Update!😍 . Its official, in 2023 I am fully committed to... My god damn self!😝 . I'm talking self-love and growth. Gratitude every single day. Working on my spiritual healing. Being present and at peace. Being a successful badass boss bitch. Finding happiness in the little moments. . Whether you are single, divorced, dating, going through a rough patch, newlyweds, widowed, in a situationship... . The most important relationship you can have is with yourself❤️ . . Always prioritise YOU! - - - #selflovematters #loveyourself❤️ #lovetheskinyouarein #bethebestversionofyourself #healthymindbodyandsoul

IDGAF if you think I'm part of a "pyramid scheme!"🤷🏼‍♀️😅 . . I used to dread those kind of comments or messages coming up! . TBF it's only a small minority... but I'd always feel like I had to defend myself and this business with some sort of detailed explanation. . Now I know that it doesn't even warrant a response! . The way I see it - I own an android... but if someone came up to me like "WTF Beki, I phones are miles better!" I'd be like, "Cool, and?"🤷🏼‍♀️ your opinion is not factual, nor does it mean shit to me and my love for android!😅 . Look - All I'm saying is, I'm not here to convince anyone. I'm just here ready and willing to serve anyone who comes to me looking for my service and this opportunity🥰 . . The uneducated fools can simply just do one and enjoy the real pyramid scheme that is of being an employee in the corporate world! . That's all for today!🙌🏼 - - - -

Healthcare workers! Wanna earn big £££'s but don't wanna be spammy online? Listen up!👇🏼 . . First off - I feel you! As a Nurse, the LAST thing I've ever wanted to be is salesy!🤦🏼‍♀️ I mean - People come to US for help and we serve, right?! . We're caring, we advocate, we do best by our patients. We're not sleazy, selfish or try to convince/pressurise! . The funny thing is that even working online, you CAN and SHOULD still implement your Nursing nature! I literally care for, help, support and empower people every day in my work now!🥰 BUT - That's only possible if: . 1. You're coming at it from a place of service. 2. You learn how to do it right and implement that! . 💥Ask me how I get to do this and I'll show you! - - - - #salesstrategy #nurseshelpingnurses #nhsworkers #networkmarketingsuccess #affiliatemarketingonline #onlinebusinesscoach #quityourdayjob

What it's REALLY like having me as your network marketing guide/mentor! . 1. I'm not your regular upline, I am 'the cool one'😝... literally I am though!😅 that is all! . 2. Super important - I AM NOT above you. Of course, realistically, the business model dictates that I am. And sure I've got the knowledge and experience to support you in seeing success. But I am no better than you. We will mastermind, bounce ideas off each other and I'll hold you accountable and ensure you win. . 3. I won't be doing daily check-ins to ensure you're working on your business! You're a grown adult and I want you to step in to the empowered, committed, successful entrepreneur you are!🙌🏼 However, I will be snooping on your business and progress. And of course, if I think of a cool idea for you, I'll be on the phone! . 4. I WILL call you out on your BS (nicely😇) ""Been too busy" "Will come back to it" "I was going to, but..." "Not confident enough/too scared to". I will remind you that you started this for a reason and so if it's important for you to live a life of freedom... then why are these excuses coming up? . 5. I will be your biggest cheerleader!✨️ Need a motivational boost? You got it! Got a win, small/big I am SO frickin proud! Of course I want you to succeed just as much as you do! . So there ya go! If you've ever wondered what it's like to work with me, that's just a little sneaky peek for you! I cannot wait to work with you, let's go kick some serious ass this year!🔥

Ever wake up and think - 'What am I doing with my life?!' Or maybe - 'Is this all there is?!'🙊 . . When my husband walked out on me out of the blue 3 years ago, I felt like I was starting again, like I had nothing. I was scared of the future and how it would pan out. . All I've ever wanted is to live content, freely and happily and a life full of gratitude. Pretty simple right?!🥰 . . But we get stuck on that hamster wheel of life, right?! Waiting for the next thing and then on to the next. It's an amazing ride for sure, one filled with highs and lows. But it certainly didn't go as what the story in my mind had planned! . Next came turning 30 and a new set of challenges. I caught myself asking: . Is it bad I'm divorced so young? Can I even afford solo home ownership? Will I be stuck in an unhappy job forever? Will I ever find love again?🤔. . Just being real as I know I can't be the only person who thinks this way?!🤷🏼‍♀️. . That's when I knew that it was time to divorce myself from my story. To write a new one! . What I've learnt is, we can change direction at any time in life! We can choose to be courageous, to embrace new experiences. We can live an epic life everyday! . And that's exactly what I did!🙌🏼 Fast forward to present day - Renting out my home in the UK, living in Bali, being my own boss! . And that's exactly why I love what I do now. Working with others who want to embrace change, enjoy new challenges. To divorce the story in their heads of how life SHOULD look and take every day to love themselves, their life and create a new story💞 .

Why's it 'normal' for people to spend their lives in jobs they hate, for a boss they can't stand, in a company they don't align with? . Yet its 'crazy' to build an online business and create a better life for yourself while helping others? . Society is f***ed up!🤦🏼‍♀️ . . For anyone who chooses for bigger and better - you're not crazy, you're brave!💪🏽 And I'm rooting for you! - - - - #bethechange🌎 #entrepreneurialspirit #ceoofmylife #bossladylife #quityourjob #fucksociety #successisinyourhands #baliexpats #lifeinbali #ubudbaliindonesia

Listen up! If you're a nurse who struggles with: 1. A feeling of dread the night before a 12 hour shift. . 2. Post shift anxiety. . 3. Feeling underpaid, unappreciated or undervalued. . 4. An all work no play kinda life. . 5. Being 'trapped' or 'unfulfilled in a career you worked hard for. . If you answered yes to any of the above and want to create a life where you never have to feel this way again... . If you're ready for change and are open minded, coachable and willing to put in the work to achieve your goals, then get in touch! . Drop a 💯 in the comments NOW! - - - #mondayblues💙 #needanewjob #createyourdreamlife #manifestyourreality #beyourownboss #freedombasedbusiness #onlinebusinessopportunity #nhsworkers #nurseprobs

💪🏽Why you NEED a side hustle as a Nurse!... . 1. Ability to reduce hours, 0 hours contract or leave altogether. 2. Less financial worries 3. More time with family 4. Pursue a hobby/passion 5. Early retirement 6. Ability to give back . Ok truthfully - Maybe you don't really NEED a side hustle if you're already content with your current circumstances, whether that be financially or the feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment. . If that's you then I'm so happy for you!🥰But for me - I just wanted more for myself! . I wanted a life of freedom - To travel, to live on my terms and not have to 'request' my days off or annual leave🤦🏼‍♀️. . And also... To not have to worry about how I'm going to pay for the life I wanted to live too! . I just wanted to spend more time doing the things I love in life, not counting down the hours of my working day! . So there you go, side hustles are awesome!🤩Mine even led me to quit my Nursing and live out exactly the life I was looking for here in Bali 2 years later! . It's been challenging and continues to be so! But it's totally worth it! - - - - - #sidehustleideas #sidehustlesuccess #beyourownboss👑 #nurseprobs #nurseshelpingnurses #networkmarketers #createyourdreamlife

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