Gigi Yuen

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Hi, My name is Gigi, I am a lifestyle and a mommy blogger on Instagram. I love sharing all the useful and cool products on my Instagram with my daughter. My Instagram handle: mommy.g

hope i can have a chance to collaborate with you and your team:)

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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As parents, we often find ourselves in situations where we feel the need to help our children with their weaknesses, whether it’s in school or other things they do. It’s natural to want to assist them in overcoming challenges, and that’s perfectly okay. But here’s the thing: comparing them to others may not be the best way to motivate them. It can add extra pressure and sometimes slow down their progress. So, what if we tried something different? What if we not only worked on improving their weaknesses but also celebrated their unique talents and interests? While we’re busy nurturing what they’re already good at, we can also encourage them to explore new interests. Trying out different activities or learning about various subjects can help them discover their potential in other areas too. 💬⬇️ Are you worried that your child might be focused on just one interest and not exploring others? 💫Share with friends who can benefit from this. 💫Follow for more positive discipline + gentle parenting tips. #mindfulparenting #parentingquotes #parentingtip #parenting101 #parentingskills #respectfulparenting #childdevelopment #motherhoodquotes #lifewithlittles #mindfulmama #asianmama #positiveparenting #gentleparenting #consciousparenting #montessori #montessorikids #parenteducator #asianpareting #asiaparent

It’s back to school time and for some of our little ones, it’s their first day of school ever.  What an exciting time for both the kids and parents.  But during this transition, big feelings will naturally come out as they transition from spending the summer everyday together with you to going to a classroom with new teachers and other kids.  If we think about the situation, tears and separation anxiety are 100% normal and expected. As parents, it breaks our heart internally when we see our toddler cry and simply want to spend more time with us.  But also know that gracefully handling this separate anxiety will encourage our little ones to grow and embrace new experiences while helping them understand we love them and will always come back for them. With that said, here’s 5 ideas I’d like to share which helps during this transition. 🔅Talk to them about what is going happen beforehand 🔅Acknowledge their emotions 🔅Give them comfort if needed 🔅 Keep it simple, don’t stay too long at drop-off 🔅 Let your child know that you will come back I hope you find these ideas helpful and I hope you and your kids have a wonderful school year! 💬⬇️ Is it challenging for both you and your children to drop off? 💫Share with friends who can benefit from this. 💫Follow for more positive discipline + gentle parenting tips. #mindfulparenting #parentingquotes #parentingtip #parenting101 #parentingskills #respectfulparenting #childdevelopment #motherhoodquotes #lifewithlittles #mindfulmama #asianmama #positiveparenting #gentleparenting #consciousparenting #montessori #montessorikids #parenteducator #asianpareting #asiaparent #schooldropoff

Has your kid ever hit you? My guess is yes because this is one of the top topics that I get asked. As you expect, it’s normal for a kid to experiment with hitting others (especially at an early age). Hitting is actually one of the ways a kid communicates their needs, feelings, or emotions, clearly not ideal but that’s how little humans are wired. In order to teach our little ones that hitting is not okay, focus on what they can do and react as calmly as possible. If you don’t nail this every time, it’s OK, no guilt parents! We don’t have to be perfect. By reacting calmly, you 🔅Give yourself a moment to calmly assess the situation 🔅Communicate why hitting isn’t allowed in simple language 🔅Name the emotion and offer alternatives, teach your child. what can they do to express their big feelings 🔅Find ways to connect and identify the root cause of the action 🔅 If the hitting continues, gently let your child know that you need to take a break to ensure both of you stay safe and calm, once everybody is calm, reconnect and try steps 1-4 again If you react calmly, you’re actually helping your little one shift their negative behavior because you allow them to learn and connect with you during these moments. Yes, I believe parents and children can actually bond closer when setting boundaries/ limits if the right approach is taken. 💬🔽Would love to hear your thoughts, feel free to comment below 💫Share with friends who can benefit from this. 💫Follow for more positive discipline + gentle parenting tips. #mindfulparenting #parentingquotes #parentingtip #parenting101 #parentingskills #respectfulparenting #childdevelopment #motherhoodquotes #lifewithlittles #mindfulmama #asianmama #positiveparenting #positiveparentingsolutions #gentleparenting #consciousparenting #montessori #montessorikids #teachermom #homeeducator #parenteducator #asianpareting #asiaparent

At around age 2-3, my older daughter Faith started to really express herself verbally, and by age 4, she just loves to share and talk so much to everyone.  During this process, she likes providing instructions for others to follow and I have heard my relatives suggest she’s getting too bossy.  When I heard that, I was a little bit bothered by it because it came with some sort of negative connotation.  During these moments, instead of labeling, we can consider doing the following … 🔅Be patient. Acknowledge that children are naturally curious and eager to express themselves 🔅Rather than shutting them down, let’s empower them by providing guidance on how to communicate their thoughts in a respectful and considerate manner and invite them to take turns to share and consider others’ opinions Finally, I really love how kids are so excited to share their authentic thoughts and ideas with others.  In a way, I think the grown-up world would be more joyful if we had the same level of excitement and joy to share our ideas with one another.  💬🔽 Does your kid love taking the lead too? 💫Share with friends who can benefit from this. 💫Follow for more positive discipline + gentle parenting tips. #lovevery #loveverygifted #mindfulparenting #parentingquotes #parentingtip #parenting101 #parentingskills #respectfulparenting #childdevelopment #motherhoodquotes #lifewithlittles #mindfulmama #asianmama #positiveparenting #positiveparentingsolutions #gentleparenting #consciousparenting #montessori #montessorikids #teachermom #homeeducator #parenteducator #asianpareting #asiaparent

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