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Hello, my name is Gabriel! I created to spread conscious information and positivity directly to you! I also write unique, original, entertaining short stories which you can read on!

I'm on Pinterest @_gabrielmohr

Thank you for thinking highly of me and promoting me! :)

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There is only one way to live, and that is the sustainable way! I’ve been on a bit of a sustainability kick recently, so I’ve decided to write about my 51 favorite sustainable products that’ll help you do your thing and save the earth at the same time! I hope you enjoy 😊

Dr. Wanderer and I bring you Egoic Meditation and Cosmic meditation, a post that describes the difference in meditation we use to fulfill our ego, and the meditation that beings us into the higher Love! You may find the oost by following the link below, go ahead and give him some love! :)

Conscious information is the new thing, the next trend! But more importantly, conscious information helps us ascend our habits and routines, giving us meaning and direction in life. When we engage with a conscious fact, we automatically experience its positive effects, even if we don’t decide to live by it! For example, knowing that a corrupt act is selfish and detrimental to wellbeing by nature gives a certain kind of freedom, a freedom of choice. Now that you know what corruption is, will you choose to be corrupt, or will you choose to be benevolent? If you know that most of human suffering is caused inside of our psyche before becoming physical, it intrigues us to figure out how we can solve this suffering on the psychological level, then ultimately, the physical level! Our interest in conscious information is growing by the day, so let’s make it a trend with the hashtag #consciousinformation! The more we know, the better 😊

You are enough in every way! You are worth loving, worth knowing, and I know you can defeat the negative self-love that's in your head!

When we think of confidence, certain people come to the forefront of our minds! However, we can choose to feel confident in our minds first! "I choose to feel confident." The more we repeat it, the more we begin to feel confident, and the more confident we feel, the more energy we have!

Breaking news! You're awesome! :)

Here it is! After many long hours of work, I present ‘The Modern Leader,’ a post that details how to be a leader in these modern times! Back in the day, many successful generals were considered great leaders. If you led and won many wars, you were a leader, even if your warriors didn’t necessarily respect you. Nowadays, the definition of leadership has drastically changed, which is (partially) why the post is as long as it is! It exceeded our expectations and ended up being 36,000+ words, making it the longest blog post in the world! Of course, I didn’t sacrifice quality for quantity, I strove for both at the same time so I could bring you the best possible post! I hope you have an amazing read, and please share it when you’re finished! I’d love to see it go viral 😊

We're getting there! After I finish writing I'll go over it again, re-write, add more to each tip, and finish editing it! Then, I'll create and insert the pictures. After that, I'll touch it up and it'll be ready! I don't remember how long I projected this article to be in my last post but we're looking at (roughly) 30k words of amazing, quality content. I'm purposely refraining from looking at the total word count until I'm *done* done because I know it's gonna be absolutely insane! As far as marketing is concerned, I have a much better idea of what I'm doing, and I'm continuing to learn as I go. Thank you for being patient with me as I learn the skills I need to learn! :)

Over a year of hard work later, and the chapter outlines for my upcoming book are finally done! I will be giving 40+ perspectives on how to obtain and retain positive power, as I call it, as opposed to the negative, corrupt kinds of power we see across the earth. Every perspective and method has been carefully crafted, researched, and creates so they can be as accurate and helpful as possible. I just added three of these 40 chapter outlines to my Patreon, which you can find by tapping the link below! Keep in mind that some of the Patreon plans unlock permanent discounts yo any and all future books, so you'll be saving some money in the long run while supporting me at the same time! I'll see you guys over there! -Gabriel

Hey guys, I hope you're doing well! I'm posting here to prove I'm not dead :) I'm working really, really hard on this next project because I want it to be as perfect as I can make it. It's going to be called "The Modern Leader," and it's going to give 25 detailed tips on how to be a leader in the year of 2021! It really is going to be very, very detailed. As I'm writing it, I project the final word count to be anywhere from 15,000-20,000 words of quality, helpful information! It's like getting a small eBook for absolutely free, and I'm throughly enjoying every minute I spend writing it. Keep an eye out for it, it will be coming out soon :) -Gabriel

It's all within you ;)

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