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Healthy body, healthy mind Due in August ‘20 Mama to bilingual 👶🏼 Bonus mama of 🧑🏻‍🦱👦🏼👧🏼 Wife to @warrior_mountain_workshop Wanna-be master chef 📍DC

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I want to keep this memory here forever! What started from don’t go outside of the garage to you can walk around in rain boots to please don’t jump in the water to please don’t swim in the puddle, ended up with the best memory for them and for me of all of us laughing, them getting dirty to a midday shower. I often forget and have to remind myself that a memory is worth so much more than an extra load of laundry or an unplanned bath time. #letthembelittle #wildandfree #1000hoursoutside

Everyday I have to pause and remind myself that yes, I am in fact a mom of three. It was my moms birthday today, we picked her up and she was in a small space with three kids all making noise. My aunt called and heard everyone going crazy and said she just doesn’t understand how I do it. They’re both moms to one child. When I hear that I laugh, sometimes sigh. Because life is crazy af, some days are so hard, but at the end I wouldn’t have it any other way. And I wouldn’t trade a single shit day away because it was another day spent with my loves! ♥️ #momofthree #momoftoddlers #toddlermom #crazylife #wildandfree #homeschoolmom

We’re loving this whole homeschool thing. Because it’s not about me teaching my kids better than the teachers, because teachers do a great job!! It’s giving my kids something that they won’t in a class of 23 kids. It’s about making connections with everything around them and them getting to explore life without limitations. Granted we just started week 2, so today was a good day! #homeschool#homeschoolmom #homeschoollife #toddlerboys #wildandfree #letthembekids #letthembelittle

3:51 am - 4 year old pees through pull up and wakes up brother and dogs 4:07 am - 4 year old comes back into my room because he needs a car he can’t sleep without 4:15am - baby sister is woken up and wants to eat 4:39am - dogs won’t stop whining and need to be let out 5:10 am - everyone seems to have fallen asleep and mana works out and makes muffins 6:40am - 2 year old wakes back up and ask for milk 6:55 am - throws up said milk everywhere 7:15 am - dog eats 4 out of 12 muffins 10 am - kids have had two breakfasts - mom has had three sips of coffee ⭐️Happy Start of School!!!⭐️ #homeschool #firstyearhomeschooling #homeschoolmom #homeschoolpreschool #preschoolathome #momofboys #toddlermom #momofthree

One week old today!!! Say hello to Baby Victoria! The little sweet loaf as James calls her that has completed our crazy bunch! Came in at 9lbs 9 oz at 39 weeks, she is as sweet and adorable as can be. Boys love her! We love her! Let this crazy new adventure begin!

Many days it’s challenging, but it’s the best job in the world!! So thankful for my three babes that gave me my title!! Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there! #mothersday #mothersday2022 #momsofinstagram #momofthree #boymom

The long awaited……well for you not for us! Boy or girl for baby number 3?! #genderreveal#babynumber3#babyontheway#momofthree#momof3 @warrior_mountain_workshop

Day 4 and we finally managed to get a family photo! Let’s just say between all the walking and keeping up with two toddlers we are exhausted, but also so happy and relaxed, such a weird phenomenon. Let me tell you, not having to cook and clean is the best vacation for a mom and this is it! Few more days left in this lovely place’

I never expected to be that mom, that mom that buys little car every time I go to the store. Sometimes because I think they’re so cool and that’s what I want to play with! Forget clothes!! Give me all the @hotwheelsofficial and @matchboxworld cars. What do you buy all the time that you didn’t expect to for your kiddos? #boymom #justamominaboysworld #boysworld #momofboys #momtobe #carlifestyle #hotwheels #hotwheelscollection

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! From our little valentines to you! As everyone shares their holiday today, remember to take it with a grain of salt. Enjoy the pictures, enjoy the ideas but don’t feel guilty!! Have to be honest I thought I was fully prepped by ordering the pjs and shirts in NOVEMBER! But also didn’t get a single thing for a basket. And I have to be honest, I felt guilt this morning! So I ran and got doughnuts, and they were happy as clams! Because In reality they don’t need more stuff. So if you didn’t make a basket, or do a special breakfast or get pjs or shirts - don’t feel guilty! Just enjoy the day with your littles!

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