Travelling with Diana

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I am a travel blogger busy exploring our beautiful world. I share tips to inspire females to travel more, do it solo and on a budget and my goal is to show you that you don’t need a travel agency to explore our planet.

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Thailand Itinerary 10 Days / What to Do during your 10 Day Trip to Thailand

Tickets are very cheap and you’ll buy them from a person in the bus and the price will depend on the bus itself, which I’ve never seen before. If the bus is new and with an aircon the pricer will bit a little bit higher. It’s like the Uber app but for South East Asia. You can order your ride through the app (motorbike being the cheapest option) and it’ll

Laos Itinerary 10 Days / What to do on your 10 Day Trip to Laos

There are several international airports in the country: Pakse, Vietiane, and Luang Prabang. Always check the prices online as there can be very cheap airplane tickets for your dates. Alternatively, for a cheaper option you could take an overnight bus from Thailand or Vietnam. My bus trip from Da Nang, Vietnam to Vientiane, Laos was supposed to take 18 hours, but in the end it turned out to be a 28-hour journey.

Best 10 Day itinerary to visit Cambodia

so I could look up the name of my hostel, but he wanted to charge me $5 for the ride (yes, in Cambodia, $5 for a ride is a lot), so I decided not to go with him. I checked into my hostel, which was $5 a night, and went to the closest café with fast internet to sort out my phone problem. Even though it’s not the way my phone got stolen, I met a lot of people whose stuff was stolen exactly that way. Either way, I had a tour booked for 2 p.m., which I had booked online the previous day, so I decided to still do that.

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