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10 Tips for Planning International Travel with a Baby

Before leaving on the trip we gleaned advice about traveling with babies from friends and from other bloggers in order to be as prepared as possible. We thought of the trip as less of a list of tourist attractions to cross off and more of a sit back and enjoy a new city and culture I would start by making a list of things that are ‘must-sees’ for you in whatever city you are traveling to and assign one per day. I wish I would have brought more medicine for the adults on the trip because we had to try to navigate foreign languages to buy me some when I got a cold as well!

Baker Stories

Capturing our little family in a photojournalistic way is very important to me, so having a house with a lot of natural light streaming through the windows and a camera sitting out on my coffee table has been a little bit of heaven for me. We are planning to renovate our home, so I have hesitated a little when snapping photos because the backgrounds are far from perfect, but that’s our life right now Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window) this Post Erica began her photography career while pursuing a degree in Peace, Justice, and Reconciliation when she felt compelled to capture the stories of the incredible individuals and organizations she met along the way.

Coen's Birth Story

I knew that I couldn’t control when the baby would be born, but I hoped, for his sake, that he wouldn’t be born on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and I hoped, for our wallet and taxes sake, that he would be born in 2016. I was equal parts relieved and frustrated by that news – annoyed because I was ready to meet my baby and happy because I was hoping the baby wouldn’t come on Christmas Day For some reason I found the idea of going to the hospital when I wasn’t in active labor really embarrassing, but Dave convinced me to go. I told Dave that if we were going to the hospital we didn’t need to bring our suitcases or anything because I knew I wasn’t in ‘real’ labor yet.

10 Must Have Items for your 0 to 3 Month Old Baby

Erica is the researcher in the family and she poured hours into blogs and product reviews searching for the perfect items. I (Dave) decided to return the favor to the baby blog world and offer up our findings. In the first 3 month’s of little Coen’s life, a few items emerged as essential in our household (measured of course by frequency of use). The following list features our top 10 pick items (in no particular order) for new and expectant parents.

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