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TheBalancedWhisk is the source for healthy, creative recipes; eye-catching food and product photography; and creative content featured by popular, favorite food brands throughout the country. For inquiries regarding recipe development, custom photography, food styling, video footage, social media features, or live event demos, please contact

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WE RANKED ALL THE QUEST FLAVORS SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO!! @questnutrition bars are now better, softer and yummieeeeerr!! plus you can’t beat the macros: 18-21g of protein, 1-2g sugar, 3-5g net carbs my favorite is the Quest classic Birthday Cake, but @ryanclavenna absolutely loved the white chocolate raspberry- SO perfect for summer! WHAT’S YOURS? FAVORITE WAY TO EAT QUEST BARS? S’mores 8/10 Cookies & Cream 9/10 White Chocolate Raspberry 10/10 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 7/10 Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie 8/10 Double Chocolate Chunk 7/10 Birthday Cake 10/10 Dipped Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 8/10 Head over to my TikTok for the full video coverage! #QuestBSY #OnAQuest #QuestPartner #proteinbars #proteintreats #highprotein #birthdaycake #cookiedough #smores #cookiesandcream #healthysnacks #nobakedessert #healthydiet #healthybreakfast #breakfastbar #snackbar

no bake treats series 🤝🏻 theme of 2023 EP 4. PBJ PROTEIN CUPS seriously cannot recommend these more- what else is there to love besides the best of pbj flavor smashed into a bite sized handheld treat that’s also good for you?! the answer is nothing… ingredients: peanutbutter, coconut oil, @biochemprotein vanilla whey isolate, strawberry jelly if you want more details on the full recipe from me and @biochemprotein with measurements COMMENT “recipe please” and i’ll DM you! ⁣ ⁣ #pbj #peanutbutterjelly #proteintreats #peanutbuttercups #easydessert #treats #nobake #singleserving #healthydessert #easyrecipe #highprotein #proteinpacked #healthytreat #healthysnack #healthydiet #summersnacks #dessertrecipes

never really understood the whole “thicker than snickers” thing but “snickers satisfies”..rodger that. ⁣ + NO BAKE TREATS SERIES CONTINUES Ep. 3 featuring the new @americandreamnutbutter maple waffle cone-code balancedblend10 for a discount on your order as always!! frozen banana snickers; an OG from my early 2022 freezer stash that was a big HIT all around. if you want more details on the full recipe with measurements COMMENT “recipe please” and i’ll DM you! ⁣ ⁣ #peanutbutterbanana #chocolatebananas #frozenbananas #snickers #heathycandy #treats #nobake #singleserving #healthydessert #easyrecipe #highprotein #proteinpacked #healthytreat #healthysnack #bananas #healthydiet #summerfood

my era of fruits dipped in chocolate continues… + NO BAKE TREATS SERIES CONTINUES, episode two in lieu of PEACH SEASON!! i’d say move over oranges, but at this rate i might be dipping those next. FOUR INGREDIENT SNACK HACK with a guest star of @carlsonlabs vitamin c crystals for a boost of immune support & antioxidants! head over to @carlsonlabs website to purchase yours today for all things summer snacking! if you want more details on the full recipe with measurements COMMENT “recipe please” and i’ll DM you!

bring on the summer serotonin baby #mayphotodump . . . . #cameraroll #photodump #chicagosummer #summervibes #ootd #girlsinthewild #chicago #leoseason #lionsgate #astrologygirl #manifest #swimsuitmodel #fitnessmodel #chicagorestaurants ⁣ #bodybuildingwomen #bikinimodel ⁣#italianwomen #puppies

chocolate cups that are in a snack league of their own… ZERO complaints on the chicago weather front, it has been mid 80s all week and there’s no stopping insight sooo freezer treats it is! high protein, hemp filled, absolutely take zero time to make AND the perfect beat the heat bite to stock up your freezer with! head over to @evohemp to order their killer chewy bars to make these delicious treats stat!! ingredients: melted chocolate + @evohemp cookie dough protein bars COMMENT ‘recipe please’ && I’ll DM you the full recipe for how to make these!!

cottage cheese trend takes on dips… and this one’s hella addicting. seriously why didn’t anyone tell me a creamy cilantro lime combo was so magical? WHIPPED COTTAGE CHEESE DIP ingredients: cottage cheese, fresh lime juice, garlic cloves, black pepper, salt this dip makes eating veggies so much fun! plus it’s really simple whip up and beyond perfect for dipping your @happifoodi root veggies in! @happifoodi bowls are CLUTCH for a quick microwave friendly meal, side or snack! find them at your local @sprouts or head over to their website for more locations! COMMENT ‘recipe please’ && I’ll personally DM you the full details on how to make this!!

DID SOMEBODY SAY NIGHT-SCREAM?! this berry loaded yogurt bowl is the QUEEN of sleep dreams. simple ingredients that taste absolutely delicious and promote rest, relaxation and a satisfied sweet tooth before hitting the pillow at night!! ingredients: yogurt, @bioptimizers sleep breakthrough, mixed berries, peanut butter @bioptimizers sleep breakthrough is melatonin-free and non-drowsy SO it promotes rest and relaxation for better sleep without morning grogginess! checkout my link to get access to a limited time special offer @bioptimizers has running! #bioptimizers #sleepwell #bettersleep

body by s’mores is looking pretty ideal right now… every single summer kickoff i go on a s’mores hype and this year isn’t any different so if you have any requests on what my next s’mores endeavor should be please drop a comment! and now drumroll for S’MORES CUPS filled with @yumbutter creamy peanut butter from the most convenient pourable pouches ever! be sure to check out all there other organic, nut free, superfood and protein loaded options!! ingredients: melted chocolate, marshmallow fluff, @yumbutter creamy butter, sea salt (optional) BONUS points if you mix in protein powder to your melted chocolate! if you have any questions just message me or comment “QUESTION” and i’ll reach out!!

HAPPY HOLIDAY WEEKEND!! cue the sprinks… fact: there’s no better party than a sprinkle party, so here we are in frozen banana pop form! Chicago is about to CRUISE with a straight week of 80 degrees (stoked) so freezer treats it is. not to leave out the perfect timing for all the new @americandreamnutbutter flavors to hit the shelves!! all four are insanely summery, full of flavor and killer macros. use code balancedblend10 for a discount on your order! ingredients: ripe bananas, @americandreamnutbutter vanilla caramel sundae, melted white chocolate, RWB sprinkles if you have any questions just message me or comment “QUESTION” and i’ll reach out!!

all american berry yogurt bites, GRANOLA EDITION. i’m hooked on the berry bites trend and the possibilities are endless for different twists on the OG recipe- and since i’m a sucker for a crunchy texture, this twist with @safeandfair granola slays. soo addicting, refreshing, sweet, healthy and EASY TO MAKE!! once again, they only takes a handful of ingredients and very minimal time to have a whole batch ready and waiting in your fridge or freeze for the week! COMMENT ‘recipe please’ && I’ll personally DM you the full details on how to make a batch using @safeandfair all american granola!! ingredients: mixed berries, yogurt, @safeandfair granola, dark chocolate

do you ever wake up in the morning and feel absolutely exhausted with zero desire to get to the gym? coming from someone who has extreme troubles falling asleep to begin with, and just made another big move (for the millionth time)… SAME GIRL SAME. yet you still see daily stories of me working up a sweat so what’s my secret.. @bioptimizers magnesium breakthrough capsules @bioptimizers magnesium breakthrough has SEVEN different forms of magnesium to help increase my desire to go to bed (regardless of being in a new home), sleep through the night (regardless of all the new sounds) and wake up refreshed the next day (to get to the gym). BIGGEST PLUS: IT IS MELATONIN FREE!! checkout my link to get access to the limited time special offers @bioptimizers currently has running! #bioptimizers #magnesium #sleepwell #bettersleep

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