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Bohemian Lifestyle | love of travel | creating art | gardens |elephants | photography | sharing visual tale's

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My Experience Staying in a Homestay, Ubud, Bali

This Homestay is a traditional Balinese building overlooking a tropical garden with Hindu statues and a delightful swimming pool. A restaurant is open all day overlooking a lane where and watch daily Balinese life. I relaxed on the lovely terrace outside my room, overlooking the rooftops, writing in my diary and reading a good book. Whilst I was staying here there was a three-day festival called ‘Gulungan’, the family decorated the statues in the garden and made Bamboo decorations lining the lane.

Driving on the Right around Moorea, Tahiti

It gets dark at 6.30pm and the time I finished dinner it was dark and started to rain quite heavily, there is hardly any street lights and I couldn’t see a thing. The first European to arrive on the island were Englishman Samuel Wallis and James Cook. Captain James Cook first settled on Tahiti and then he took his ship with Samuel Wallis and went onward to Mo’orea. He first landed in ‘Ōpūnohu Bay, Cook’s Bay was later named in his honor.

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