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We are Denise and Reed.

We are a socially responsible and ethical travel and wellness brand.

We will soon be fulltime travelers come March!

Hoping to make our corner of the world a kinder place.

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☀️ Missing warm summer yoga days right about now.

Wayfare to Wellness

I believed that 2019 would be the year that I started my blog, that I would make money from my freelance writing, that I would enter #adulthood with a clear plan in place. All while working another job, moving in with my partner, buying a van, and making plans to build it out and travel the U.S. in the early parts of 2020. I opened up for the first time about being a transracial adoptee, and I wrote a blog post about my biological dad. The person who made a million dollars traveled to the top 10 destinations of 2019, got married, had kids, kept their pre-pregnancy body, and watched their kids grow up and graduate from top tier colleges, all within the span of one calendar year.

“Are we lost?” “Nah, we’re just figuring it out as we go” 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏻‍♂️

Wayfare to Wellness

…the problem is that you cannot selectively numb emotion…when we numb, hard things, we numb joy, we numb gratitude, we numb happiness…” (If you’d like to read more about this, stay tuned! Let me also acknowledge that practicing self-care also seems like a luxury for those who have the resources, time, and support to do so. I am arguing that whether it’s a 5-minute meditation, walking around the block, or saying 5 things you are grateful for every day, self-care is essential for every single human. Will you join me and make January a month of self-care and self-love?

The month is nearly over, and fittingly, I have decided that now is the time to share my 2019 year in review. . I’ve always had impeccable timing...😅 . 2019 was a year of change. Of flux, and growth, and strain, and resilience. . I decided the best way to conceptualize this messy year was to write it out. Here are the biggest takeaways: 1. There’s only one key to success, follow through. (Follow through takes consistent action, resilience, and so much more. It’s not easy, but it’s necessary). 2. Self-care is essential. 3. STOP COMPARING YOUR JOURNEY TO ANYONE ELSES. . I wrote a blog post expanding on my 2019 takeaways. (Link in bio). . I hope by sharing them and putting them into the world, they hold me accountable and remind some of you to keep going, trust yourself and remember that you aren’t alone. Let’s walk together 💜 . #growthmindset #mindshift #healthyminds #selfgrowth #selfmotivation #selfawareness #personalgrowth

Wayfare to Wellness

I only believe that we share those things with the people we trust to hear it and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and to feel less alone and more understood. It was like life was moving in slow motion, and like I was on the giant teacups at Disney land at the same time. I was crying in public in front of people that, on an average day, wouldn’t be caught seeing me ugly cry like this. We tend to believe that belonging is the same as fitting in, but as Brene Brown, a research professor of courage, shame, vulnerability, and empathy at the University of Houston has taught me, belonging isn’t about fitting in.

It’s Sunday, so it’s yoga day . 🧘🏾‍♀️ 🧘🏻‍♂️ . Every week for the past few months, Reed has been teaching our friends yoga on Sunday evenings. . It’s become a tradition that we both (and those who join us) cherish greatly. . Its been amazing to witness his confidence butterfly before my eyes. I’ve also seen the change in energy in our friends before and after a session. If it reminds me of how important it is for all to take time to focus inward. . Reed says it beautifully in the piece he wrote on our blog (link in bio), “walking out of the studio I still had all of the problems I had when I walked in, yet they all seemed manageable now.” . I’ve seen Reed take the pillars of yoga and seek to honor the lifestyle of the practice, instead of merely the practice itself. Aiming to stay true to its founding principles that go much deeper than a way to keep in shape. It’s also a mental shift, a lifelong process. . As Reed puts it, “Life will never be easy, nor will it always be hard. If we can learn to live in balance with ourselves, humankind, and nature, we can reach true happiness.” . Follow Reed reedrambo_ to watch his yogi journey unfold. . -Denise . #holisticliving #liveinspired #mindfulliving #nourishyourself #wellbeingworrior #innerself #innerwork #yoga #healthyliving #asana #yogapractice

Wayfare to Wellness

I want to share my good days and bad days because this blog isn’t about being perfect; in fact, this blog rejects the idea of perfection. Instead, I want this blog to remind us that imperfection is part of the human experience, and that’s okay. Some days are just so hard and so full of loss that you feel like your heart is going to pop right out of your chest or maybe its MIA, and you are feeling numb. But finally, I remembered the 20 minutes that I had spent the morning before writing for my blog, and it made me smile to myself.

Hi 👋🏽 I am HERE ready to kick this years A$$. How is everyone? ❄️ happy January ❄️ . This was 2 days before I cut all my hair off and I’ve been keeping a low prof and making my own opinion on it before sharing it with the inteweb. . This month I’ve been thinking about the importance of self care and self LOVE and I have allllllll the thoughts. Thoughts on self acceptance and on being 100% true to yourself. . I can’t wait to share them with this beautiful community 💜 Happy Thursday everyone ⠀⠀ -Denise #selfcare #selflove #beyourself #beyourownkindofbeautiful

Early mornings with you are the best mornings. • Gratitude ☀️ I’m grateful for the life we have right NOW • As we get closer to closing in on a van, I have needed to sit back and reflect on my life as it is right now. • I’m grateful for all that we have, and for the immense privilege, we have to intentionally and purposely CHOOSE to give it all up. • We are choosing to give up a rental in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. A big back yard for Bella, jobs that pay the rent, the proximity of friends and family, a safe neighborhood, and so much more. • I have become profoundly more aware of this, isn’t that always the way? We begin to really notice these things when we are close to not having them anymore. • So I’m going to take in these precious moments more. Sip my morning tea slower, enjoy the luxury of my warm showers, smile at the ease of having a flushable toilet, and acknowledge the profound PRIVILEGE that we have to do so. • I wanted to talk about it, the people who live this life out of necessity. To give it space and air to be true. Then I asked myself what I was going to do about it. • We’re going to take this knowledge with us and make sure that we are always paying it forward, giving it back, speaking up, and learning more, even when it's uncomfortable to do so. • I am changing the narrative that I have had inside of my head. From “look at what I have to give up! Luxury. Space. Safety” to Gratitude 🌙 I am grateful for the privilege to be able to willingly give this up. • Now how will I choose to use this privilege? That’s the next question.