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I'm a foodie mom sharing my travel adventures and love of local specialty restaurants. Head over to my blog if you want travel tips geared toward family travel and solo female travelers.

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Review: Hotel Giardino ⋆ K.J. Around the World

I'm K. J. Welcome to my blog. My passion for food and travel inspired me to create this blog as a way to share my experiences. I'm a full-time college instructor with a family, I'm definitely not living the digital nomad lifestyle. My goal is to share my inspirational experiences with women who dream of traveling the world without having to quit the job they have.

What I've Learned After Blogging for Two Years ⋆ K.J. Around the World

But with every up and down, I remember why I enjoy blogging and the experiences that help me to create this content to share with the world. Italy took us to the other side of the world, trying new foods and experiencing things we never do at home, like taking public transportation, EVERYWHERE! I’ve also come to see blogging as a way to document my journey of learning about the world and myself in the process. So instead of getting hung up on not coming my blog posts on schedule, I’ve decoded to blog as much as I can when I have time off and schedule my posts to go public during the semester.

Navigating Italy: Regional Train Travel ⋆ K.J. Around the World

Traveling from Rome to Florence we needed to use the regional train line called Tren Italia. We didn’t book any of our tickets in advance online, but we were able to buy our tickets when we got to the train station. This lead to a lot of running and rushing once we did figure out how to purchase tickets and validate them to make it from Rome to Florence. There’s so much to see in both locations, take advantage of the fast travel time you will get by traveling on a regional train from Rome to Florence.

Tuscan Farmhouse Pizza and Gelato Class with Kids ⋆ K.J. Around the World

* 3-course meal with wine or beer at a picturesque Tuscan estate Can’t beat being greeted with wine and bruschetta! Check out this Tuscan Farmhouse Pizza and Gelato Making Class! This was definitely a fun, healthy vacation experience that was very budget-friendly for me. Enjoying a slow afternoon of making pizza and gelato was exactly what the children needed after spending hours in Uffizi Gallery.

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