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Your personal information, like your home address, phone number, birthday, and names of family members are open and available to anyone with an internet connection. Google yourself and you'll be scared when you realize how much personal information is open and free for everyone to see.

For those who have a career in law enforcement or the military, their families, and others that cherish their privacy, this can be a big concern. OfficerPrivacy removes our clients' private information from the top websites that expose this information to give them their privacy back.

I'm a Navy veteran and retired law enforcement officer (LEO) of 25 years. My goal is to protect the privacy of our clients who are primarily LEO's but include many military members, attorneys, realtors, and teachers. I offer free and paid privacy services which provide peace-of-mind and a sense of security.

We communicate our important message via influencers. You play a critical role in bringing attention to our services. If your connections are law enforcement or their families, please reach out so we can discuss working together.

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I enjoyed talking about online privacy and on the Badge Boys Podcast. Thanks for having me on the show. #privacy #lawenforcement #lawenforcementofficer #officer #police #policeofficer #deputy #deputysheriff #correctionsofficer #thinblueline

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