Curb the Binge

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A meeting place for women who are living with binge eating patterns.

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The Freedom of Taking Full Responsibility with Andrew Pearce

Andrew Pearce is a life coach who specializes in helping us Humans understand the roots of our behavior. As he says, when we clearly see why we behave in a certain way that is not bringing us the results we want, we are gifted the freedom to change it

Why Loving Yourself is Not New-Age Hoopla

Just like a lotus flower has a center, and out of that center opens up into an inner circle of petals, encircled by another layer of petals and so on, if you are the center, then you might think of those closest to you as the inner circle of petals. That circle opens up to a wider circle that symbolizes our neighbors and friends, followed by a circle to represent our acquaintances, and so on, ever expanding to ultimately include everyone in our world. So the only way you could attempt to love others without first loving yourself is by seeing them as separate from you, which is illusion. When I deeply appreciate myself, I cannot help but radiate that love to the inner circle and eventually to the entire flower.

Weird Challenges of a Recovering Food Addict

It smells like cinnamon raisin bagels and it’s driving me crazy. This is what it’s like to be a food addict. When you’re addicted to hard drugs and looking to get clean, I imagine most public places are pretty safe to visit without becoming triggered (Again, I would think. When you’re looking to stop drinking and want to get away from alcohol, well, it’s a little trickier.

Less Is the New More

In addition to having an unusually flexible body (no more or less of a blessing than a stiff body is, in my opinion, though that’s a topic for another time), I also have the willingness to go very deep into poses and test the limits of my body. However, as someone who has been around the block of the art and science of yoga – which is really, to my understanding, the art and science of human potential – for a relatively short but perhaps not insignificant time, there is a delicate balance to how deeply we enter poses, and how quickly we do so, as well. Over time, my obsession with more was proving itself to be a deep inner emptiness – an ever-present poverty mentality – and the way it was manifesting in my life looked strikingly similar to what is happening on a large scale on our home planet. When I began to practice less, and invite less into my life, miraculous things began to happen.

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