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Giving my child the world. Inspiring people to live their dreams. http://1dad1kid.com

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This mouthwatering culinary experience is further supplemented by churma, a typically healthy sweet dish which consists of mashed wheat bread, oil, and sugar. Lasun pickle is an extremely popular food accomplishment made from mixing garlic with red chili powder, lime juice, butter and jaggery (an unrefined sugar). This is a kind of soup or broth made from mixing bajra flour with buttermilk and fermenting it in an earthen vessel to make the sauce. They are sangri, ker, dry red chili, ghoondha, a type of wild berry and the seed of the deciduous kumat tree.


As I’m still not interested in taking long flights or having a long travel day involving airports—and train travel in the US just doesn’t compare to what we’ve experienced elsewhere— Lots of people told me there are fabulous shows on the ship, but (a) those don’t go all day, and (2) I’m not really into musicals and theater. Some ports had more time than others, but I just don’t enjoy only having a few hours to explore a place. One advantage to a cruise is that you get to visit many places, but you don’t have to deal with transportation days, schlepping around your luggage, checking in and out of a hotel, etc.


If you’re considering taking a cruise on one of Holland America’s ships, then you should most definitely consider eating at their Rudi’s Sel de Mer restaurant or experiences. Sel de Mer night on the ms Amsterdam on our recent Alaska cruise, and it ended up being one of the most phenomenal meals of my life. It ended up being quite impressive and had been topped by citrus pieces and lemon peel shavings which caused another wonderful blast of flavor upon the first bite without overpowering the taste of the fish. So if you’re going on one of their cruises, find out when the Rudi’s Sel de Mer night is and make your reservations!


Unless you just love big cities, I think it’s a better idea to get lodging away from the downtown area. * If you like street food and food trucks, download the phone app called Street Food Vancouver. * If you visit Chinatown, there is a beautiful garden and park called Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden. * If you don’t really care for big cities, I’d check out other places in BC.

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