Sandra Powell

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I'm Sandra. I turn blah houses into dream homes.

Member Since JULY 12, 2018
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Sawdust Girl®

We worked in some uncomfortable positions, crunching under and around the existing ductwork which we thought we were going to use. It took me 4 trips to the dump to get rid of this huge pile of insulation, ducting and trash. It’s mainly been Julie, Terry and myself building this project but we had an extra set of muscles last weekend. This weekend we were going to work on finishing up the framing and get started on the electrical roughing in and get a consultation on plumbing.

11 Acres is a LOT

This year I had the opportunity to partner with STIHL and try out some of the Stihl AP series battery-powered power tools. I ran these tools all day long with the AP 300 S Lithium-Ion Battery — day after day after day… As I cut and hauled branches out to the little trailer (hitched to our Challenger), it quickly became clear that I was going to need help with this job. Thanks to STIHL for the amazingly convenient and easy to use power tools to help make the job as easy as possible.

Framing The Lodge

Where we left off last time If you recall, we stopped early on our first round of framing so I could reimagine a couple things that didn’t “feel” optimal when we were standing in a real life space that looked fine on my paper plan. The new HVAC equipment will be located in the “attic”, above the room in which the equipment was occupying allowing that room to become a mudroom. Ducking and scrunching around it was a pain but having it in place already is going to save on cost when the new systems are installed. Comparing the second floor to the first floor, starting from scratch and making whatever I want out of a big space is so much easier than demoing and working within the constraints of things that can’t be changed.

Winterizing the Shop

Weather stripping for metal doors is also metal and secures to the surface of the door frame. I sealed those gaps with expanding foam to keep the conditioned air from the 1st floor, IN the 1st floor. For now, I just need to keep the cold air from upstairs and outside off of the main floor so I can work comfortably through the coming cold season! Huge thank you to Trane for being a Platinum sponsor of the B&B and helping me create a comfortable place to work and teach!

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