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CiderScene is a blog dedicated to exploring the North American cider culture and spread love of hard cider! Add us on Facebook and Instagram @ciderscene 🍎🍏🍎

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1911 Hard Cider Line-up Review

1911 Established Distillery, with the associated orchard Beak and Skiff, makes a plethora of products and their ciders are crafted in small batches which helps ensure the crisp, clean quality in each can. The Black Cherry has a super sweet smell and the taste is tart with a sweet finish. This cider gives you the crisp feels for Kentucky Derby drinking to drinking on the beach with your friends or a date night at home. On the 1911 Established website, one can also find an extremely helpful cider locator with a map or list display.

Get To Know Graft Cider & Backpack Brands

Graft’s concept was designed to pay respect to old-world style of cider making and experimenting with modern brewing techniques. As Graft has taken the cider world by storm, they continue to expand several additional brands including Flora Wines and Hudson North Cider. The other reason is when a beer drinker sees the phrase β€œgose cider” on a beer menu; they might be intrigued enough to venture out of their comfort zone to try this new style of beverage. Since your team started making Graft, what brought you to start Backpack Brands and expand your offerings?

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