Petro Neagu

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#Foodie, #Sewist, #crafter, avid #DIY-er, photographer, #homemaker and mommy to one. Glad you're here! Stick around for real fun projects!

Location Delray Beach, Florida United States
Member Since JULY 20, 2018
Social Audience 49K
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Freezer and pantry inventory printable

This pantry inventory printable list is the best and easy way to keep your kitchen organized and clutter free! The great thing about this printable file is that it has a freezer inventory printable too so you’re covered for keeping both your pantry and freezer organized and clutter free! Using an inventory list gives you a bird’s eye view of your kitchen’s food inventory. One of the simplest ways to keep track of your pantry inventory is to use a pantry inventory list and a freezer inventory.

The best cheesy baked spaghetti casserole

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you Cheesy baked spaghetti is a delicious recipe perfect to make when you are short on time or are looking for a crowd-pleasing recipe. Budget friendly and incredibly delicious and easy, this baked spaghetti recipe tastes just like lasagna but made in a third of the time! This baked spaghetti is basically a casserole made with spaghetti, Bolognese sauce and a thick melted cheese layer on top. Some people also like to add some béchamel sauce or alfredo sauce to the mix

DIY fabric coasters aka wine glass slippers

With this simple DIY fabric coasters tutorial, you will be able to make super fun fabric coasters for wine glasses that travel with the glasses and will protect any surface from accidental spills and glass marks. You just slip the base into the slit and protect your furniture from little drips of wine, as well as help everyone identify their glass, just like those little glass charms. Cut a circle out from interfacing, in the same size as the wine glass base and fuse it to one of the circles, onto the wrong side of the circle. Turn the coaster right side out (in other words hide the raw seam inside the coaster) and smooth out the seam with a point turner/seam creaser.

Patchwork quilted potholder pattern

You don’t need to start with a large quilt if you’ve never made one, these pot holders with pockets are a great place to start before moving to larger projects. You can check out this tutorial I made for applying single fold bias tape to your rounded projects if you’re thinking about adding bias tape instead of bias binding to your potholders. • To make the pockets you’ll need one piece of batting and 2 pieces of fabric for each pocket (so 2 battings and 4 fabrics in total). Sandwich 1 piece of batting between 2 pieces of fabric to form a pocket then repeat for the second pocket.

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