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View our support article for more information. I am an early years specialist teacher and Mum to 3 young girls. I hope you will be inspired with hundreds of ideas for creative play and learning! Check out the blog for more inspiration!

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Space Small World Play

Let’s make a super quick space small world play using a few sensory rich play materials in a small tray. This space small world play tray was one of those ideas and I will share more of our easiest ever ideas here on the blog as I get a chance. How to set up a space small world play: rice dyed black (follow my one-step tutorial here for how to make this!) If you loved this space small world play idea then please do share it with others and find me on Instagram for many more like it.

How to Dye Pasta for Sensory Play

Just like my super-simple dyed rice tutorial, I guarantee you won’t need to use the old way again after trying this! I keep seeing people share quite laborious methods for dyeing rice and pasta for sensory play and it reminds me that I must share my much easier way to do it! The possibilities are endless and this dyed pasta can be used in so many ways from sensory play to counting, ordering, sorting and collaging. If you love this method for how to dye pasta for sensory play PLEASE do share it with your friends and colleagues and send them over to visit too!

The Imagination Tree

For those children now confident recognising and saying their initial letter sounds and beginning to be confident in digraphs and maybe even some trigraphs, let’s play WORD BUILDER GAME! A simple 3 sound word that is very easy for young children to decode, read and then write is called a CVC word. As with the simple CVC words, ask them to clearly sound out the word on the card first, then find each sound and create it in the right order in the stand. If you want a real challenge, remove the cards altogether and simply call out words for them to hear, say back to you and create, Once the games are over, store the balls in a box (alongside the fruit boxes if enough space) and pull it out another day to practice again and reinforce the learning.

Easy Gluten Free Play Dough Recipe

Try my easy, no-cook, gluten free play dough recipe for sensory play fun for those with wheat or gluten allergies and intolerances. For sooooo long I’ve been meaning to test out a gluten free play dough recipe as a substitute for my best ever So to make this gluten free play dough recipe I did need to try a few different methods and ingredients until I got it as close as I think it’s possible to get to real play dough. Let me know how you get on with this gluten free play dough recipe and if you have any extra tips to add!

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