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Why Staying on Top of Cybersecurity is a Must When Making Apps?

According to the latest app downloads and usage statistics, there are 1.85 million apps available for iOS users to download and 2.56 million apps for android users. They also point to an increasing need for cybersecurity given that apps, regardless of their category, contain sensitive information that users wouldn’t want to get into the wrong hands. By training more and more people to become cybersecurity professionals, apps could be built-in with stronger security, preventing attackers from compromising users and their privacy. Considering how sensitive some of the data inputted into the apps are, especially with eCommerce, finance, and medical platforms, this information could be used to target users, steal their passwords, and use them to commit fraud.

6 Ways Node.js Supercharges IoT Applications

It’s a lightweight and efficient platform that uses V8, Google’s high-performance engine, perfect for data-intensive, real-time apps. Here are the reasons why many developers choose Node.js app development for real-time IoT apps. For app development clients, this means a faster time to develop and market apps, which ultimately reduces app development cost. In fact, the go-to stack for many developers consists of: Besides, most developers building IoT apps are familiar with JavaScript, which will make development with Node.js faster.

Most useful node.js packages hat you should try

Node.js uses an event-driven, on-blocking I/O model that makes it powerful and easy to use , capable of running smoothly across distributed devices for data-intensive real-time applications. The event mechanism helps the server to respond to a request in a non-blocking way which makes the server highly scalable as opposed to the traditional servers that create some threads for the requests handling. Moment.js is another free and open source JavaScript library that removes the need to use the native JavaScript Date object directly. Node.js is an open source , cross platform build on JavaScript for creating real time and scalable network applications.

Misconceptions of Node.js

There is a misconception that the main thread will hand over the work to the event loop thread and when the work is over the event thread will execute a call back. It is said that the event thread works on the concept of Stack or Queue but the reality is there are some structures involved in the JS and the event loop goes through some phases and the event tasks are performed in a continuous manner. This is the most common misconception that the event loop of Node.js is the part of JavaScript engine itself but having a single threaded environment is one of the key function of Node.js therefore on contrast the reality is, the event loop is a different thread which calls the java script engine to execute the source code which is written using Javascript programming.

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