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So, yes I'm 15 and I have a Youtube channel! I have always wanted to do Youtube for a very long time! I have always held my self back because I never had enough courage and I thought that I wasn't good enough to be on the internet. I later changed my mind and here I am today with a very small YouTube channel! I try to create content that I believe people would like, but i don't have enough supporters to give me feedback! So, since I dont have the best recourses to make videos I just use what I have around me, which sometimes isnt much, but hey! I can work with it! It might turn out a little boring but I truly try my hardest! The reason I am here is because I do not get to collaborate with companies as much as I would like! I have tried contacting many companies, but they never answer! I do believe that it's because of the small amount of followers that I have! The reason that I would like to collab is because I always need somethingto "spice" up my videos! And if anyone wants to do that then please contact me! It would be amazing!

Country United States of America
Member Since MAY 01, 2020
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