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S&M For Beginners

You need to be positive that this person will respect your wishes and won’t continue with an act you’re not comfortable with. Practice by telling your partner exactly what you want while having “regular” sex, like “I want you to go down on me,” or “Put your mouth here. This basic way of expression will improve your communication and let your partner know exactly what you like, in addition to building trust. And lastly, just because you two discuss adding a new form of sex into your typical sex routine, it doesn’t mean you’re about to embark on a huge sex fest right away.

What Do I Do If My Boyfriend Hates My Friends?

So if that’s the reason why a guy doesn’t like her friends, I think that’s pretty fair. But what if he’s just so different from her friend group he doesn’t like them? If a guy is basically trying to control the woman, if this is the scenario, saying that she can’t hang out with her friends, that shouldn’t fly. I know the whole “opposites attract” thing, but if somebody in your life really dislikes being around people that you like I don’t think it’s ever going to be that great.

How Do I Deal With A Clingy S/O?

It’s just rough if it’s somebody you like and the only problem with them is they’re clingy. If you really like the person and they’re a clinger, do you just tell them they’re coming on too strong? Definitely don’t lie and say you don’t have your phone, because nobody in 2019 doesn’t have their phone on them. And if it’s not working now it’s not going to work later.

10 Different Ways To Surprise Your S/O

We all did something cute for our someone special and hopefully got some good things in return. So we’re off the hook, right? I know this is stereotypical, but we think you should continue to keep that loving spark going year round. Since we “need” an excuse to do something sweet for your better half, here’s a list of different ways to surprise your significant other!  ❤

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