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Gen X travel with a Y attitude. We’re Sarah & Nigel (ex GM & IT Project Mgr). Seeing the world fulltime since May ’14.

Here be Hiking, Diving, Adventure, Culture & Literature. Local Transport, Food & Drink

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Explore these SIX beautiful villages in England

Finding the most beautiful villages in England England’s traditional villages usually have a combination of small quaint buildings. Castle Combe is one of the most perfect villages in England. Castle Combe is the perfect example of a quintessential Cotswold’s village full of charming narrow streets and oldy worldy pubs and tea rooms. and we hope you enjoyed our guide to these beautiful villages in England and that you use it to explore some of the smaller and hidden places that England has to offer.

14 of the Best Beaches in Martinique That You Must Visit

A lovely place to visit any time of the year, this French territory boasts of a coastline of fine white sand, crystalline waters, and diverse marine life. ’s beaches range from wild and remote beaches to shimmering white sand beaches and black sand beaches. The best time to visit is from early morning until before noon, where the water is at its calmest and you can enjoy a relaxing swim or stroll along the shore. You’ll find powdery white sand beaches and unique black sand beaches here.

The Best Northumberland Food and Drinks

Come and experience some great Northumberland Food – like Craster smoked kippers, Northumberland Cheese, Lindisfarne Oysters from Holy Island as well as the Berwick Cockle, which isn’t quite what you think it is. Typical and traditional Northumberland dishes include stotties filled with ham and pease pudding, Singing Hinnies and Pan Haggerty. Whether you try Northumberland seafood in a takeaway, café or restaurant (you can’t beat a good fish and chips) or whether you buy seafood and take it back to your holiday accommodation to cook, Northumberland is an amazing place to try the local seafood. Trying the food and drink is one of the best things to do in Northumberland (and here’s our top 10 to do’s) Be sure to try some of the traditional experiences – there’s nothing better we think, when it comes to Northumberland eats and drinks than stotties, or some pan haggerty with a cup of Earl Grey tea!

The Best Things to do In Seahouses, Northumberland

You can head off on a trip to the Farne Islands, spend days on the wide golden sandy beaches, hike the Northumberland Coastal Trip or spend the time doing day trips from Seahouses. St Aidan’s Beach, the one that’s to the north of town is a great place for watersports and it has particularly good waves for surfing. , Northumberland There are some great holiday cottages and holiday parks near Seahouses, so it’s a great place to base yourself for a visit to Northumberland and then take day trips from Seahouses to some other fabulous, but close places, here’s our picks of the best spots near Seahouses to take a trip to. Final words on the top things to do in Seahouses Seahouses is a traditional fishing village on the Northumberland coast with a colourful lively harbour and several gorgeous Northumberland Beaches.

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