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Are you the missing link in your child's ADHD treatment? Get help, support, and advice.

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Take the Toilet Paper Test

Do you prefer that the toilet paper roll be pulled from the bottom or the top? The answer to that question may tell you more about your parenting than you might imagine! Think I’m pushing it here? Consider this. Many of us have preferences about how we want things done

Rewards Systems: Why They Work for ADHD Kids and How to Start One

For your ADHD kid, rewards systems can make the difference between negative behaviors that strain relationships, and positive behaviors that lead to happier, healthier families. Systems can help you and your family – and, the good news, there are steps you can take to set yourself, and your kid, up for success. Ask yourself, “What is the biggest challenge my ADHD kid faces” or “What behavior is having the biggest impact on my kid and my family? Rewards systems are a great way to show her, and yourself, that you’re making progress; that you’re doing something that’s making a difference.

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