Alex Sundstrom

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Fat queer crafty dog mom. Sewing and fashion design student. Social media marketing by day. Artist by night. Proud to label herself neurodivergent with ADHD, anxiety, depression. Yoga lover, wannabe weight lifter, kinda bad plant mom.

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Oh HAI 32, I thought that was you creeping in the corner 🎂🎉 I spent this year trying to surround myself with what I wanted, both big and small. It has led me to one of the happiest years thus far. I’ve revisited childhood dreams, kept and made incredible friends, gone on adventures with my soulmate, and learned new skills I’ll practice forever. Here’s to you 32; may the year bring even more 😊❤️ 📸

My birthday is in two weeks, so time to bust out some birthday attire options 🎉🎉🎉 Option #1: The #mayaruffledress by @_diydaisy made from a random chunk of a brocade-like fabric from @texasartasylum I accidentally went WAY bigger than I needed to (72” for my 57” bust), so its DRAMA. But I’m kinda into it? I used the faux wrap #mayaruffledresshack for the front. In total, it only used three yards, and I still have enough left to add patch pockets 😍 Next time, I’ll size down the body pieces and do slightly shorter sleeves. I already have one cut out like this! #zerowaste #fatsewingclub #fatsewing #fatsewists #plussizefashion #plussizesewingpattern #plussizesewingblogger #geminiseason

Family portrait inspired by @blairz 🌈 Watercolor, marker, and colored pencil Did a report on bad ass fashion illustrators for school, and I couldn’t help but love the beautiful and spontaneous grotesqueness of her work. And gotta include the baby puppies 🐶🐶

Drove six hours to Louisiana, and all I got was my favorite wedding date 😍 It’s really interesting to go to a more traditional Christian wedding as a queer couple- the man and woman business isn’t entirely relatable 🤷‍♀️ but it means the world to still feel welcome. Cause at the end of the day, the most important thing there is love. Romantic, familial, platonic. Love filled with fun, warmth, comfort, and laughter. Love you know will stay safe true through the road ahead but in this moment is just joy. And we have that, no matter what our gender or sexual orientation is. So it really matters when other people see that too. You don’t have to follow my path in life to see the good in what we’ve built ❤️

I haven’t been in front of the camera much lately, but I’m still a work of art 🙏 I tried watercolors for the first time today in Fashion Sketching class. Despite normally using fashion proportions, I got to draw some squish on her. Painting the overhang of a stomach and the dimples of a pudgy knee remind me of the beauty in what I see in the mirror, even on a bad day. Like this mirror selfie I took an hour ago that needed to be a little artist’s tile. Sometimes you need to sit back and appreciate what makes you art. #fatshion #fatshiondesign #fashionillustration #queerartist #gaywatercolor #winsorandnewton #hcc

When the @weareivypark hits right for date night 💅🏻 (also when the plants are being watered in the shower, and their grow light is on) #ivypark #adidasplussize #gaydate #houstontexas #houstongalleria

Have you made any creative goals for 2022? Here are a few I’m noodling: ⭐️ Start taking fashion classes (I start next week!!) ⭐️ Sew at least 4 wardrobe staple pieces (like these @munaandbroad #birchgrovepants I made 4 times in 2021) ⭐️ Start blogging again (I’m stuck in a rut here and miss writing) ⭐️ Create at least 2 avant-garde/couture/heirloom pieces (wearable art is where my brain is this year!) Reflecting on 2021, I spent a lot of time building a foundation. So this year, it’s time to enjoy what @bethanyannbullock and I have built and reconnect with my passions. 2022: Have fun on my terms. #fatsewing #2022goals #plussizefashion #fatsewingclub #curvyyearofsewing #queersewing #havemorefun #sewing #craftybitch

Since I’ve been working on sewing the majority of my wardrobe, I’ve been trying to find a style that makes me feel the most like me. The test run for this road trip has been comfortable color blocking. The shirt dress is @hm, the tank top @target, and the pants are the @munaandbroad #glebepants in a chambray from @joann_stores. I’ve been devoting a lot of time to fitting my pants, so these are a size J with a 2” knock knees adjustment, 1” deepened crotch curve. These are definitely kinda-secret pajamas, and I’ve made four pairs for sure. But I think I want to make the legs (especially pockets) skinnier, shorten the pocket opening, and figure out a double pleated flat front. I love the colors, but I think I need something a little wilder/romantic/sexier to mix in for my aesthetic. Back to the drawing board! #memadewardrobe #fatsewing #munaandbroad #curvysewing #curvystyle #fatsewingclub #joannsfabric #hmplus #parislasvegas #parislasvegashotel

Bye 2021 🤷‍♀️ I was already over it by the first week of January. But really, there have been some amazing things that happened this year, like moving in with my lady lover and finally getting on the right medication. For 2022, my therapist recommended picking a resolution or goal that will make your life easier. So my plan is to have more fun. Listen to what I want, find the laughter in everything, and play more board games. I’m already registered to chase my childhood dream of fashion school in three weeks, so we’re off to a good start ❤️ #fatsewing #fashiondesign #bye2021

On Wednesday nights, I have group therapy. I’ve been in group for almost two years. One of the hardest parts has been getting to know people with levels of intimacy so beyond most relationships I’ve ever had, but I don’t know where they work or what their last names are. And I won’t. That’s just the name of the game. But the skills I’ve learned around confrontation, boundaries, processing trauma, building relationships, and speaking up for myself are worth every awkward moment we’ve had. Therapy is such a weird, intense, ongoing experience. But 10/10 I will always recommend.

I’m going on a west coast road trip with @bethanyannbullock in a couple weeks, and I’m over here building Pinterest boards and watching TikToks about photo poses. I haven’t even started thinking about clothes. It’s normal to bring to your entire closet for five days, right?? Please say yes 😭 #queeradventures #gayholiday #sanfranciscoroadtrip #losangelesroadtrip #lasvegasroadtrip

I’ve been focusing A LOT on inner child work and processing trauma with a lowercase T the past couple months. Currently, I’m delving into my 16-18yo brain and what hobbies, dreams, passions, and emotions she had. She kept up an “appropriate” appearance for her social circle but was secretly into avant garde and anarchy. Writing stories and repurposing thrift store fashion. Applying to fashion school and learning surreal photography. Learning French to escape the suburbs and live with a collection of lovers (even if she still hadn’t had her first kiss yet.) So I’m leaning into it. Not the French lovers. But the fashion sketching, the avant garde, the colorful dreams. #innerchildhealing #innerchildwork #fashiondesignerwannabe #avantgardefashion

“I find only freedom in the realms of eccentricity.” - David Bowie #halloween2021 #gayicon #gayiconparty #ziggystardust

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