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Ten Ways to Combat Stress at Work

We’ve all had days where we leave work feeling mentally or physically drained and the only thing that sounds good is crashing on the couch. It may seem like taking 15 minutes away will do more harm than good from a productivity standpoint, but the break will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated. If you’re comfortable with having work friends, they can be a great shoulder to lean on when you just need someone to talk to midday that understands. It may seem like you’re the only person that can you do your job, but there are plenty of little tasks that are easy to pass off and go a long way.

I Tried Out for The Bachelor – Here’s What Happened

Read more to find out what an audition for The Bachelor really looks like and why it’s not a reality anyone should want. Wearing a tight dress and heels isn’t wrong or slutty and taking care of your appearance isn’t vain or IQ diminishing, but it shouldn’t be done for anyone other than yourself. It requires sustaining a life that isn’t real because living life is the actual job. Life is so much better when it’s lived authentically and on The Bachelor, that’s just not possible.

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