Alexis Pierce

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Hi! I'm Alexis, and I help successful people who have it all discover their soul's purpose and big message, so you can feel happy, fulfilled, and on purpose with your life. Get started #BecomingYou at

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What to do when you start slipping on your goals

I started this year with a bang – meditating, working out, and expanding my mind and self-beliefs daily. Because skipping a day or doubting yourself aren’t the reasons you don’t reach your goals or follow through on your plans! It’s about checking that box after fighting with your resistance because you don’t want to do it. It’s about marveling at your progress because you kept at it, even when you didn’t feel like it.

“But it’s not safe to be me…” 3 approaches to the fear of not being safe

You might want to dance and express yourself, but feel scared of being vulnerable. You might want to talk about issues that matter to you, but worry you’ll be shamed or shunned. You need a new way to approach your fears that helps you stay connected to yourself, create your own sense of safety, AND allows you to change and grow. In today’s video, I share 3 unique approaches that helped me break through my fears and move forward with more confidence, so that you can too.

3 tangible gifts of living your truth

I know because I’ve been unveiling myself, brick by brick, for years. As I’ve allowed my truth to shine more and more, I’ve discovered 3 gifts of living your truth that now grace my days. As I’ve shifted my allegiance away from who I thought I needed to be and allowed myself to connect with my inner wholeness, I’ve become softer and gentler. I still strive and want to grow, but now each opportunity to think, feel, or act differently feels like a gift and opening.

Awaken your courage, clarity, and FREEDOM!

Which isn’t an opportunity to self-regulate and self-perfect in case, god forbid, you falter for one moment and thus are less , less , less . Settling for always second-guessing because it’s more familiar than full-on believing (and more comfortable for other people too)? This is not a journey of self-perfecting until you are worthy of life’s rewards. Of knowing your truth and then allowing yourself – giving yourself day-by-day permission – to BE YOU more and more.

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