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A Blog about DIY, Home decor, Sewing, and Crafting

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A new blog name

I finally took the plunge and changed my blog name, bye bye Ohoh blog and hello Ohoh Deco. Fue en ese momento también que comencé a aprender a coser, no hace falta decir que una gran cantidad de proyectos terminaron en el bote de basura. Como te lo puedes imaginar, he perdido la paciencia frente a mi máquina de coser más de una vez. Por eso quería mantener el Ohoh en el nombre de mi blog.

How to make a baby gate with fabric

I want to clarify that this kind of baby gate works great to close the access to an area, like the kitchen as example, it will NOT WORK FOR STAIRS. 😉 Materials and tools you will need to build a fabric baby gate: Take one of the plastic caps, and with the cutter, cut out 1/3 of the cap side. I placed my baby gate at 26 inches (65cm) I give you my measurements as example: opening distance 66 inches (170 cm) and distance floor dowel 26 inches (65 cm), the fabric piece measure 66 inches  by 31 inches (26+5 inches).

50 easy to make DIY planters

I think that with creating lighting, making planters if one of my favorite thing to DIY. You can work with a lot of different materials and it also a great craft to recycle old containers. I divided the post in 5 different sections to make it easy for you to find the kind of planter you want to make. You will find 10 tutorials under each of these topics: If you want to know my top three DIY planters are: the concrete planter, the 3D planter and the copper hanging planter.

DIY box frame mirror

The lower part of the frame make a nice little shelf to store products and I also like the little plant I hanged into the frame! I first cut the mirror to the size I wanted to fit in my bathroom and then build the box. I think a framed mirror can also be a great addition to an entry hall, you can leave your keys and sunglasses on the bottom board. Or you can also hang it in the bedroom,  you can add a few hooks on the top board to hang necklaces and display some small containers on the lower board to store rings and earrings.

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