Sarah Houston

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I'm Roo -32 Year old Female, who enjoys food, coffee, technology, fashion and people while Traveling around in a Skoolie, enjoying life. Dishin' Tips, tricks, and my favorite things. I would love to chat and see how we can make your business grow, while keeping it fun, different, stand out, and maybe a hint of humor!

Location Greenville, South Carolina
Country United States of America
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And Yes, That IS Okay

I’m going to talk about how, I am 32 years old, born and raised in small town USA, married to the love of my life, and never, not once, ever, in my entire life, had the desire for my own kids. I’ve held 2 babies in my entire life, My baby brother,who was forced on me to hold, and Jaxon. I love my time with my husband,who knew from the day we met, I wasn’t wanting children. They come to me, when things are weird,tough and awkward and they can’t ask an actual parent, and I like it like that.

Putting Work In a Bus with No Name

When that happened, it left holes in the floor, from the bolts that held on the seats, and the screws that held on the rubber, that absolutely HAD to be patched up. , they told us the best way to seal those tiny holes, was to liquid nail Pennies to the holes. I ordered our mattress, We found this One that had great reviews on amazon-and wasn’t going to sit too high up, for only $104? Going into the upcoming week- will bring big money spent on unseen things, but it’s all part of the process!!We are so so tired, and our backs hurt, but we are having a good time.

Its Been One Week Since you... Saw The Bus.

Andrea told us that Dr. Martha wouldn’t allow ANYONE to drive her bus. They have big plans for them, which I can’t wait to see, and really can’t wait for you all to see. Removing the seats, was a two person job, that luckily Rob was free to help Josh with while I work, and they had all seats out, and removed within 2 hours! But we’re glad we’re here, and we’re glad to know ALL of you.

How Everyone Knew We Had Finally Lost It

We spent our New Year’s Eve sitting on the couch watching the ball drop. We want new adventures, new travels, new experiences, new joys, and new mindsets. As complete, and utter “beach kids” deep in our souls, traveling was important to both of us, we believe it’s where we learn the most,feel God’s presence the most and are the happiest humans we can be. So think of it, as an old school bus- turned tiny home, a Tiny home on wheels if you will.

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