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I’m Rupi Dhindsa, the founder and author of Insta Elegant. I’m an Engineer by profession, an Educator by choice, and a Blogger by passion.

I’m obsessed with learning about Financial independence, Minimalism, Personal development, Self-awareness, and Yoga.

I’m focusing on growing; in every aspect of my life. I feel no need to prove myself to the world with a forced behavior, but rather let the gravity of my presence speaks for itself.

My purpose in life is to emit love and joy to others, simply being who I am. I believe that the simple deeds we perform with heart are much more rewarding than other outward recognition and praise.

Member Since MARCH 10, 2021
Social Audience 2K Last Month
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Self-Care: Top 50 Ideas To Practice Self Love

So, start loving yourself and take good care of your body, skin, mind, and everything. So, take good sleep if you want to do productive things in a day. When you drink something which you love will automatically boost up your mood, and you feel good. You don’t want to feel bad; you want to feel fresh and smell good when the day starts.

9 Easy Ways Women Can Project Confidence

As women, we often make self-degrading comments to ease tension in an embarrassing situation or to help another person feel more comfortable. We have to learn to decline requests, turn people down, and confront those who are unfair, disrespectful, and two-faced. Confident people know that if they point out the flaws in other people, it is done to simply make themselves feel better about their own inadequacies and flaws. She walked confidently, spoke confidently, dressed appropriately, stayed consistent in her attitude and leadership style, didn’t allow people to walk over her, and carried herself in a way that demanded respect.

How To Being Authentic

See, on one hand, we’re told to be ourselves, and to follow our passion, but try asking any average person – randomly on the street – a close friend – what their true passion is, and most of the time they’ll tell you that they just don’t know. our deepest fear is not that we’re inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. When you’re spontaneous, you’re not being restricted by what you think you should or should not do. She feels she needs to look a certain way, be a certain way, act a certain way, to get love.

Adding Timeless Elegance To Your Wardrobe

Chiffon dresses for women have been the mark of style and elegance in women’s clothing for decades and they still retain their universal appeal. However, these dresses are not limited only to the bridesmaids; they can be worn by the bride, the bridesmaids, and even the mother-of-the-bride with equal amounts of elegance and glamour. Color is always a matter of personal taste, however, if you choose a style and shade that is timeless, like black, for example, you can get many years of wear out of your chiffon dress, and by dressing it up or down with trendy accessories, you will never look the same twice. Luckily, chiffon dresses for women have become a fashion staple and are easily available either from your local boutique or online, so now there is no reason why every woman shouldn’t own a fabulous chiffon dress to make her feel like the princess she deserves to be.

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