Erin Hudson

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Hello I am Erin and I am a 25-year-old teacher who also happens to run a blog in a YouTube channel I like to work with different make up products as well as review movies on my YouTube channel and I blog about things involving education make up as well as movies or whatever else I feel like blogging about

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Makeup that is perfect for working people!

As a teacher that is in my second (and a half) year of teaching, I can attest to the very true fact that teaching is not only difficult, it is also very stressful. Many may not understand, or may think that teachers just complain, but the truth is that teachers work really hard, long hours, and they often neglect their own health or families to make sure students have everything they need. Now this isn't going to be every teacher but most teachers I've met and worked with so far are very dedicated and work to give their students the best. I need to take my own advice, because this being only my second (and a half) year of teaching, I already feel worn out

Teaching During A World-Wide Pandemic

So today I just wanted to come on here and write about how teaching is going so far, as I've been back to work for a few weeks now and teaching digitally, as well as in-person. At my particular school and in my particular county we were expected to be all digital this year, but that quickly changed when it was announced that students could have the option to come back into the school. Not to mention, the extensive amount of rules, procedures, and safety measures put into place seem to make the school day of learning just a bit more dull and lifeless. I know that things will eventually get better, and I have a strong sense of faith in my fellow educators who I see working hard everyday to keep students in-person safe and learning, as well as working extremely hard to ensure that digital students have all the tools, materials, and lessons they need as well.

Review of Colourpop Garden Variety Palette

So let's get into my opinion and quick review: Quality - The quality is the usual quality for Colourpop. In my opinion, this color story is not very unique. and today I'm giving my quick opinion on the newish Colourpop Garden Variety palette. Since this palette released a few weeks ago, Colourpop has already released two other collections, so I'm a little behind, but I wanted to share my opinion on the Garden Variety palette since I actually bought this palette myself and wanted to review it.

Are these new makeup releases worth buying?

This collection that just came out from Looxi beauty looks amazing. This new palette looks amazing from Coloured Raine. This new collaboration between Sydney Grace and YouTube Mel Thompson is one that seems to be catching may peoples eye. but I'm super excited for the lip oils, blush, and jelly much shadows.

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