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LGBT travel site about 2 dads raising their 2 sons, traveling the globe, giving the kids a broad world view. Parenting, traveling, art, you name it.

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Most Overlooked Geysers in Yellowstone National Park

Starting with photography tips for getting great geyser pictures, our best tip for getting clear photos into the colorful Yellowstone hot springs and geysers is to understand the amount of steam that rises in cold weather. 7:30 – the best overlooked geyser area in Yellowstone:  Firehole Lake Drive. You can’t tell that it’s going to be cool and full of hot springs and geysers, but it is and most people just drive by it. Because there aren’t colorful, beautiful hot springs or tall geysers, Mud Volcano is an overlooked geyser area in Yellowstone.

Favorite Restaurants in Victoria BC (and breakfast cocktails!)

Our favorite restaurants in Victoria – we have chosen our favorites based on being fresh, not chain restaurants, good for kids and great for adults. We love their fresh and interesting breakfast items and inventive breakfast cocktails. Favorite breakfast find:  breakfast poutine!! Our favorite dinner restaurants in Victoria, and this time we have listed them from total favorite to still amazing, but not our #1 pick.

Need-to-know Yellowstone National Park tips

West Yellowstone is a very popular place to stay, with the West Yellowstone gate being the busiest of the five entrances to the park. Yellowstone need-to-know: staying in West Yellowstone will add an hour to your projected travel time both in and out of the park because there is so much wildlife along the road. it’s a really cool old west town, but it’s far from most of the Yellowstone National Park attractions. Clearly we love Yellowstone National Park and there’s a lot that you need to know and consider before planning a trip to the park.

Yellowstone National Park Geysers, part 1

In this podcast episode we share our favorite Yellowstone National Park geysers and hot springs, highlighting the ones that are so easy to miss. 2:40 – Dining at Old Faithful – the Old Faithful Lodge has an amazing dining room with really good and varied food choices. Exploring the Biscuit Basin – totally random and small geyser basin very near Old Faithful. 19:00 – Reasons to visit Norris Geyser Basin include sweeping views (Porcelain Basin), accessible trails and boardwalks, the Steamboat Geyser and Emerald Spring.