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LGBT travel site about 2 dads raising their 2 sons, traveling the globe, giving the kids a broad world view. Parenting, traveling, art, you name it.

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Best Shows in Disneyland and California Adventure (plus parades and experiences)

With that, if meeting characters is a part of your ideal Disneyland experience, and really interacting with certain characters can be some of the best shows in Disneyland, the following guide should help you find your favorite Disney friends: Because so much of any of the Disneyland fireworks shows take place centered around Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, including high tech light projections, being on the castle-side of the hub is the best place to view the fireworks. When it comes to the best shows and entertainment in California Adventure, we’re talking about more than parades and fireworks, but special events and festivals too! After a few years of bringing the best Pixar characters to California Adventure, it relocated to Walt Disney World…

Huge Life Changes and Blogging Goals: our next steps

We didn’t know what blog milestones to watch for so we didn’t track a lot of the big moments, but looking back we can see that big moments included things like page views, follower counts, and securing national partners. Of course we want to explore new destinations and show the kids so much more of the world, but we’ve got some other big goals too. And now, the reason we’ve been talking about the big blog goals and how we’ve been framing up our business is because…. I know that setting blog goals and then taking a huge leap isn’t what everyone needs or wants to do, but here’s what we did to get to this point (and what you can do to start steps towards your own big life change!)

Being Proactive with Travel Blogging in 2020

We as content creators often have a proactive travel blogging mindset, but we’ve got to rearrange how we are proactive these days. Proactive travel blogging is as much about creating meaningful content about what you’ve done or experienced as it is about helping people discover and plan for new things themselves. As travel bloggers, to proactively do this before we partner for a content trip, but it’s also something a DMO/CVB can do to ensure their own work and campaigns they want to create will be worthwhile. I know, this all seems like a lot and that with the current state of travel blogging in 2020 and the future of the travel industry in the balance, this might seem like a waste of energy, but it’s not.

West Coast National Parks road trip: the mountains

We’ve got many great options on our site, but for now let’s plan a west coast National Parks road trip. It’s an amazing way to begin a west coast National Parks road trip. It’s 45 minutes+ to the Yosemite Valley, but there are lots of hiking options between there and the Tenaya Lodge, and on the grounds of the Tenaya Lodge If you’re interested in doing a a road trip through the West Coast parks and historic towns and lighthouses, check out our other NPS coastal road trip itinerary article.