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LGBT travel site about 2 dads raising their 2 sons, traveling the globe, giving the kids a broad world view. Parenting, traveling, art, you name it.

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How to Choose Disney World or Universal Orlando for Your Florida Vacation

… Disney World is made up of four parks: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT. Disney World has lots of fun rides and some do pack a thrill, both with action and tech, but ultimately Universal Orlando has more and bigger thrills and coasters. If you’re a hardcore Disney family, you’ll love the Magic Kingdom and many of the experiences in the Disney Parks, but Universal with small kids is awesome too. Animal Kingdom has some great big kid rides too, so it’s our top pick for visiting Disney World with a family of mixed ages.

Should You Pick Disney World or Universal Orlando During COVID-19 Pandemic?

Cast Members at Walt Disney World seem to be empowered or actively required to ensure guests are giving each other space, while at Universal it’s just a mess of people. Really, of all the visitors to Disney World we saw or interacted with, less than 10% weren’t wearing their masks properly, which we always saw get addressed. It’s clear, after spending several days in both parks, that Disney has asked their cast members and EMPOWERED them to interact with and manage visitors when it comes to following the rules. Despite how the Orlando theme parks manage their rules and precautions during the pandemic, we will continue to visit Disney World and Universal.

Santa Maria Valley Wine Region: LA's wine country, traveling and touring during and after COVID

I interviewed two seasoned Santa Maria Valley (SMV) winemakers, Norman Beko (Cottonwood Canyon Winery) and Wes Hagen (J. Wilkes Wines), and we discussed everything from what makes the SMV a special region for growing wine grapes, to how visitors can tour Santa Barbara County Wine Country during the Coronavirus pandemic. It might not be as curated as Napa, but it’s also not as expensive.” Norm, of Cottonwood Canyon, shared that the special climate that makes the grapes so special and of such a high quality is also the stumbling block of growing in the Santa Maria Valley. This means that in addition to being able to create their own wines, vineyards in the SMV have gotten to supply winemakers from other parts of California with grapes, making Santa Maria Valley wines even more widespread. Norman’s Santa Maria Valley wines hold their fruitful notes more prominently than French wines.

Affording Travel: Actionable Tips to Save and Plan, Making Travel a Part of Everyday Life

There are many more adventures to have in Iceland, including doing the complete Golden Circle Tour to experience volcanoes and the Blue Lagoon, but these three are the big winners per Danielle, who has lots of experience in traveling in Iceland. Danielle has written another book, Traveling With a Full-Time Job: How to Make the Most of Your Time, where we explains the methods and tools available to allow people to maintain full-time employment and be able to explore the globe. Get Danielle’s book, Traveling With a Full-Time Job: Also during this time, use your time at home or on the weekend that you’re not traveling to research what you’d like to do as the world reopens.

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