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I'm Nika & here to take you to some of the finest spots in the world. Traveling with my forever partner in crime and photographer Ziga. Also huge adventurer and nature lover. Vegan. Owner of the cutest doggy Ava. Hotels consultant. Slave to wanderlust.

Instagram: @andshexplores Pinterest: andshexplores Facebook: andshexplores

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Kako planirati potovanje – AndSheXplores

Midva se vedno se drživa tega, da imava nekaj fleksibilnosti, kjerkoli je to mogoče in s tem pobereva najbolje z obeh svetov. Sama uporabljava Google Maps, kjer si lahko tudi shranite offline zemljevide, tako da ni problema s porabo podatkov, dobra in popularna izbira je tudi Shranite si željene točke na izbrani zemljevid in že boste dobili okvirno sliko o razdaljah med posameznimi atrakcijami ter tudi verjetno spoznali, da vsega v zadanem časovnem obdobju ne boste uspeli videti. Če niste popotnik z zelo omejenim budgetom, ki bo večino noči prespal v majhnih sobah v hostlih ali

Should you make a stop in Surfers Paradise? – AndSheXplores

After enjoying Australia’s remoteness and lonely beaches in the Tropical North and having experienced the most amazing flight of our lives, it was time to go for something more mainstream – we made a stop in Surfers Paradise! We first passed Brisbane, Australia’s 3rd largest city. The city is designed in a way that all the main roads are underground, so there’s actually not much traffic downtown. The Gold Coast was kind of our getaway from our busy travels and a stop in Surfers Paradise was an ideal place for relaxing, shopping or partying.

How to Plan your First Trip to Australia – AndSheXplores

Melbourne was the only place in our 5 weeks trip where it was cold and rainy, though Melbourne is regarded as Australia’s most changeable city so you never know 🙂 In our case we decided to focus on the East coast and its natural wonders, the cosmopolitan cities of Sydney and Melbourne and the beautiful Kangaroo Island in the south. This trip to Kangaroo Island totally awed us so we’ll be posting a detailed itinerary in the upcoming weeks to show what makes Kangaroo Island so special. For us it’s the trip from Sydney to Kangaroo Island (Cape Jervis) and then back to Melbourne (where we had our flight).

How to Travel and What to See – AndSheXplores

Fraser island is home to many animal species and ecosystems, but it is most renowned for being the world’s largest sandy island. The island is pretty diverse and you’ll find rainforest, eucalyptus forests, mangroves, swamps, creeks and large dunes all within a few minutes’ drive. Day 1: we saw Lake Mackenzie, had a short walk through the rainforest, hiked to Lake Wabby and had a great sunset drive on the coolest road on the planet – the 75 mile beach. We saw quite a few animals in our short stay; the highlight was seeing many whales flip from afar during our drive on 75 mile beach and from Indian heads, as well 2 dingos.